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Hand Sanitizer Registration In Dubai

Hand Sanitizer Registration In Dubai

With the sudden coronavirus outbreak in the United Arab Emirates and the entire world, we all know how vital it is to exercise good individual hygiene and cleanliness. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are a quick way to sanitize and minimalize the danger of falling sick today. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, hand sanitizer sales have skyrocketed. Dubai, famous for its world-class infrastructure and big business hub, has considered one of the most vital hand sanitizer registration in Dubai. It is important to know that no product or item shall be manufactured, exported, imported, sold, or marketed in Dubai without registration in agreement with the Dubai Municipality Law.

How to Register Hand Sanitizer Products in Dubai?

You can register your sanitizer with a valid Trading/ Manufacturing License:

When you register your product, it will be valid for up to 5 years & will get a 5-year valid certificate for the same. That certificate is required for importing the product to UAE & to sell it in UAE.

Documents Required:

The documents required for hand sanitizer registration in Dubai are:

• A copy of your Trading / Manufacturing license
• A Free Sale Certificate
• The GMP Certificate
• Certificate of Analysis
• Report of all the Ingredients
• Product Artwork
• Material Safety Data Sheet

Why is it Obligatory to Register Hand Sanitizers with Dubai Municipality?

All the home-grown manufacturers and importers are obligated to register the hand sanitizers with the Dubai Municipality that fall in place with the authorities’ safety standards in Dubai. Product registration in Dubai has been made compulsory so that no product harms the health of any consumer.

The registration process that is done with the Dubai Municipality aids the customers in identifying what the ingredients in the product are as well as the origin and source of the product. If the consumer undergoes any side effects of a product, he or she can read all ingredients and identify if there is anything harmful to the product. In the customer protection department, the customer can even file a case. Products that do not register with the Dubai Municipality will be termed counterfeit or low-grade products.

While shipping the product, the product registration certificate is an important document essential for customs clearance. If the sanitizer is not registered with the Dubai Municipality, it will not be allowed to ship and encounter rejection during the product shipment. The registration has been made compulsory to guarantee that the customers get all the pertinent information about the item clearly and apparently from its label.

With a sudden rise in the demand for hand sanitizers due to the ongoing pandemic, Dubai has noticed an upsurge in the sale of hand sanitizers that were not registered in compliance with the Municipality. Such fake items were seized right away by the authorities.

Requirements for Hand Sanitizer Registration

The hand sanitizer must be produced of safe items and nothing that can harm the human body potentially. Any prohibited ingredient in any of these products will make it inappropriate for registration in UAE.

As the UAE Government regulates the production, sale, and importation of such products, registering hand sanitizer in UAE is vital for any person or company. In other words, it is essential to keep in mind that no cosmetic product shall be mass-produced, traded in, exported to another country, advertised, traded, or circulated in Dubai without getting registration following the Dubai Municipality Law, as mentioned below also.

Contact Bytes Business Consultancy for Hand Sanitizer Registration In Dubai

Bytes Business Consultancy offers top-quality services for setting up business in Dubai and all over UAE. Our professional team of consultants has assisted thousands of companies, SMEs, and individuals in the past in the registration of all kinds of business in free zones, offshore and mainland in Dubai, UAE. Does not matter if you are an evolving businessperson, well-known business owner, or someone willing to enter the SME marketplace; we are here to assist you in getting free from the annoying and long process of setting up your trading or any other business. That is because we take all your burdens and get everything done at ease.

For hand sanitizer registration in Dubai, you can also count on us.

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Branch Office Setup in Dubai, UAE

Branch Office Setup in Dubai / UAE

A branch office serves as a branch or an offshoot of a parent company. The branch office markets the products and services engages with customers and enters into financial agreements and other legal contracts on behalf of the parent company. A branch office setup in Dubai & UAE is not allowed to carry out any activities which the parent company is not permitted to conduct. A branch company is one of the most important aspects of any big company. Setting up an office in Dubai / UAE can put a company on the global map and increase its success exponentially. If a global company deals with banking, financial services, and insurance, among other things, it can gain a lot from setting up a branch office in Dubai. 

Our team of dedicated professionals is continuously working towards offering the best experience to our clients. We intend on offering friendly advice to companies hoping to set up a branch office in Dubai, UAE. Get in touch with us today!

How Can You Setup a Branch Office in UAE?  

If a company is hoping to kickstart an offshoot body in UAE, here are the steps it must follow:

  • MOE – Before setting up a branch of your foreign company in the UAE, you will have to get the green light from the Ministry of Economy. The branch of a UAE Local company does not require MOE approval.

  • Apply for a License from the DED – Following MOE approval, the parent company must file for a commercial license at the DED. The license issued by DED will be valid for a year. The company must renew the license after a year.

The Parent Company will be the 100% owner of the Branch company.

  • Go to the Commercial Authorities – After all the previously mentioned steps have been completed successfully, the branch office will be able to register itself with the commercial authorities. The same information is then entered in the register of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. It is followed by registration with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

What Documents Do You Need for Branch Setup?

For Branch Office Setup Services, here is a list of documents you need:

  • Trade License Copy (If the parent company is a foreign company, then attested License / Commercial register is required)
  • Memorandum of Association and Article of Association of the parent company. (If the parent company is a foreign company, then attested MOAA is required)
  • Board of Resolution of the Parent company (If the parent company is a foreign company, then attested BOR is required)
  • All directors’ & Branch Manager’s passport copy


  • Do We Need the Services of a Local Service Agent to Set Up a Branch Office in Dubai? 

No, if you are hoping to start a branch office in Dubai, the service of an LSA is not mandatory as per the recent decree.

  • Should a Branch Office have a Physical Office?

A branch company needs to have a physical/virtual office. The company should also send a copy of the physical office / virtual office tenancy contract to the DED.

Why Bytes?

If you want to start a branch office in Dubai, UAE, here is how we can help:

  • Preparation of the application documents
  • Getting the green light from different government departments
  • We can help you open a corporate bank account for your branch office in Dubai.
  • We can help you find the perfect location for your office.

We have your best interests at heart, and our years of professional experience can be of great help. Thanks to our pan-UAE presence, we can help you setup your branch office at the perfect location in no time.

Branch offices across different countries can help people take their companies to the next level. We can help companies realize their dreams in Dubai, UAE, by assisting them in setup branch offices or new company formation without any problem. If you want to achieve your business dreams as well, get in touch with us today!

Subsidiary Company Setup in Dubai

Subsidiary Company Setup in Dubai & UAE

Loaded with all the glitz and glam, Dubai is not only a top destination for tourism but also one of the world’s most business-friendly places providing special business opportunities. While the citizens actively employ the city’s business-friendly nature, investors and entrepreneurs worldwide come to Dubai for enterprise and consider it a perfect investment place. For a business setup in Dubai, selecting the proper business form is extremely important. If you want to expand your foreign company in Dubai or UAE, you can choose a subsidiary company setup in UAE.

Subsidiary company formation in UAE is a smart move if your business objective is to venture into the global horizon. Commencing a new business into a seemingly new geographical region can be a risky proposition. As an investor, you have to consider various aspects that can impede the business setup procedure, including the recent laws and rules, capability threat, and business capital. A subsidiary company can deal with the risk facets while offering you an extensive business reach in UAE with 100% possession rights. This strategy gives you insight into the new area, and you can run an independently organized company from abroad or within the UAE. The Government of Dubai has enacted legislation, the Dubai Company Act, which permits foreign investors to set up a subsidiary company – provided that the companies abide by all the rules and regulations.

Subsidiary Vs Branch Company

A subsidiary company is an individual legal entity to the parent firm and can be supervised overseas or within the UAE. On the other hand, a branch company is an expansion of the overseas parent firm. You can attain 100% ownership of the subsidiary company in the UAE with Limited Liability. However, the administration and workforce of the subsidiary company must be in the UAE, and the parent firm can be overseas or in the UAE.

How To Set Up A Subsidiary Company?

Below is the process for subsidiary company formation:

  • Reserve the company name.
  • Procure approval for your company activities and operation from DED.
  • Notarize the documents and outline articles and the Memorandum of Article & Association (MOAA) for the subsidiary company in Dubai.
  • Submit documents and expected information of your company shareholders and managers to DED.
  • Apply for a business trade license and Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce Certificate.

Documents Required to Acquire a Business Trade License 

Have a look below at all of the documents needed to obtain a business trade license in Dubai.

  • Attested Memorandums of Article & Association of the Parent Company (Corporate Shareholder).

  • Attested Board Of Resolution of the parent company.

  • Attested Commercial license of the parent company.

  • Copies of passports of the authorized signatories and managers.

If you are a foreigner looking to set up a subsidiary in UAE, you must assess collaborating with a business consultancy firm, such as BYTES. Partnering with us will ensure a smooth subsidiary company formation procedure. As a consultancy enterprise, we will take care of every element, from registering the proper license to applying for visas for your workers.

Benefits of Subsidiary Company Setup in Dubai

Following are some crucial advantages that a UAE subsidiary company will enjoy:

  • Registering a subsidiary in Dubai gives extensive flexibility and freedom. A subsidiary offers a distinct entity to the level of freedom as compared to a branch company.

  • A subsidiary offers Corporate and Individual Shareholders to be in one License.

  • UAE Local Sponsor is not required for an LLC Commercial/Industrial Subsidiary Company.

  • Full (100%) foreign ownership is allowed for a subsidiary company on the mainland.

  • You can further opt for any free zone to register a subsidiary business in Dubai.

  • Another advantage that comes with setting up a subsidiary is the credibility it offers to the company, especially with banks, service providers, and consumers.

  • A subsidiary gives its holders the capacity to offset revenues and losses of one part of a business with another one.

  • There are no currency limitations, so organizations can invest and do business with the currency that best suits their requirements.

  • Those who want to set up a subsidiary company in UAE can ensure an incredible lifestyle in the UAE. It proposes high-quality infrastructure and an extensive range of shopping centers, hotels, and entertainment/ leisure choices.

How can we help? 

At BYTES, we have the best business setup consultants in Dubai who know how to make the procedure of business setup in the UAE a breeze for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our devoted business consultants will support you at every step of registering a subsidiary company setup in Dubai. Contact us now.

Health Supplements Registration in Dubai

Health Supplements Registration in Dubai & UAE

UAE has permitted the making, retailing and global trading of a huge number of products. It makes the UAE one of the most profitable countries for dealers and sellers all around the globe. A vital factor that results in Dubai being profitable for exchange businesses is its tax-free economy. Similarly, the citizens & residents of UAE especially Dubai are extremely concerned about their health and other issues. Traders can make huge amounts of profit by making use of the markets of Dubai. Dubai’s reputation is an important reason for coming forward as one of the best places for international trading in the world. The government of UAE is very stringent about the quality of products in circulation. Hence, it is important to register the products in UAE before presenting them in the market. The same is the case with health supplements as well. The health supplements registration in Dubai revolves around checking the quality and ingredients of the product. Most importantly, blocking any fake or harmful health supplement product’s entry.

The demand for health supplements is pretty high, which makes Dubai an excellent place for importers worldwide. Other than that, sellers can also re-export their goods from the Dubai markets. If they do so, they benefit from tax-free manufacturing and other enticements offered by the government of Dubai.

Benefits of Health Supplement Products Registration

  • Residents of UAE, especially of Dubai are health-conscious, and there is a huge marketplace for health supplements in Dubai.

  • Any UAE Valid Free Zone or Mainland company can register their products with DM and Dubai issued certificate is applicable for the entire UAE.

  • Dealers can also make and re-export the health supplements at an exceptionally low cost due to the tax-free economy and availability of inexpensive labor and reasonably priced housing (home, warehouses, etc.)

  • The standards for the registration of health/food supplements are high in Dubai. Companies can therefore very easily launch their products in other countries as well.

  • Numerous free zones that are located near coastal areas offer a favorable location for the trading of products.

Requirements for Registering Health Supplements

Below are the vital necessities for the registration of health supplements in Dubai:

  • Health/food supplements are those items that are taken orally to offer extra nutrition to your body apart from what we get from food. This includes minerals, vitamins, herbs, etc. These can be sold off in any form, be they powder, tablets, or liquid.

  • Pharmaceutical firms, Para-Pharmaceutical, and other registered companies are permitted to manufacture and trade such supplement products.

  • The label is supposed to give information about the ingredients.

  • The chief authority for health supplement registration is the Dubai Municipality (DM).


  • The first step is to register the UAE Trading / General Trading / Manufacturing company with DM. Just after that, the procedure of registration of food/health supplement items will begin.

  • Any kind of misleading data or conflicting logically proven claims will lead to the ban of any such products.

  • Particulars about what goes into making in the food supplement along with particulars of a trading firm are essential for registration of any health supplements.

  • These health supplements must not include any ingredients that are not permitted by the UAE / Dubai government.

Documents Required:

Following are the documents needed for the registration of health supplements in Dubai & UAE.

  • UAE Valid Free Zone or Mainland Health Supplements / Food Supplements Trading / General Trading / Manufacturing company License Copy
  • A high-quality image of the product (Artwork)
  • Clear representation/specification of the product
  • A free sale certificate
  • The ingredients report
  • Analysis certificate
  • GMP certificate

Label Requirements:

Following are the label requirements for health supplement registration in Dubai:

  • Name of the brand
  • Product description
  • Expiration and manufacturing dates of the Product after it has been opened
  • Details of the manufacturer
  • Net weight of the product and its volume
  • The country of origin must be declared evidently and should be precise
  • A barcode on the product
  • Batch number of the product
  • Storage conditions necessary for the product
  • Constituent’s list and also give the ingredients which can result in hypersensitivity in some users
  • Directions and instructions for using the product
  • Medical claims are not allowed to be given on the product
The Time Validity of The Registered Products

The registration certificate for health supplements is issued after thoroughly examining the health supplement’s stipulations, elements, and consequences. If it is within safe limits as recommended by the health & safety stipulations, the registration certificate will be granted, and it is valid for five years from the date on which it was issued.

Health Supplement Products Registration Process
  • The first step, as mentioned above also, is to register the UAE Trading / General Trading / Manufacturing company with DM.

  • The registration procedure of items begins with filling e-form accessible on the site of the Dubai Municipality.

  • In the next step, the representative of the company will submit the relevant documents with a valid label product assessment copy required for the registration.

  • After meeting all requirements, the registration of the item will be completed.

  • Now, the representative or owner of the firm can get an original copy of the product registration certificate from the Dubai Municipality office.

Contact Bytes Business Consultancy for Registration of Health Supplements in Dubai

Need professional assistance for product registration or business setup in Dubai? No worries!! We at Bytes Business Consultancy provide its clients with top-quality services every time for business setups and product registration in Dubai and all over UAE. Our skilled team of advisers has assisted many people and companies, SMEs, and others in the past times for registering all types of business in free zones, offshore and mainland in Dubai, UAE. Doesn’t matter who you are and how long you have been in the trading industry; we are here to assist you in getting free from the annoying and long process of setting up your trading or any other business and registering your products.
You can get in touch with us for the health supplement products registration process.

100% Foreign Ownership in UAE Mainland

100% Foreign Ownership of Business in UAE Mainland

The UAE announced in November 2020 that foreign nationals would be allowed to own 100 percent of commercial companies within the country.  The UAE Cabinet has made some amendments to the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) and approved a “Positive List” of activities under which 100 percent foreign ownership in mainland companies is permitted. This is great news for the business expatriates in UAE to start a company in UAE with 100% foreign ownership.

Previously, 100% foreign ownership was permissible for the free zone companies only, and for the mainland LLC companies, the expatriates could hold only 49% ownership and the balance 51% would belong to the local sponsor/Emirati. This local sponsor would be a silent partner with a yearly fee and would not involve in business or company affairs. However, now with the new law, the ex-pats will be allowed to have 100% ownership in Commercial & Industrial LLC mainland companies without a local sponsor.

The list comprises key sectors such as trading, general trading, travel and tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, transport and storage, hospitality and food services, information and communications, science and technology, health care, education, art and entertainment, and construction and the conditions and the minimum investment required for foreigners.  On the other hand, the Law also included a “Negative List”, which is a list of economic activities requiring a certain level of Emirati ownership.

The above changes to the Commercial Companies Law will positively enrich the UAE’s foreign investment and business expansion attractiveness.

Some of the highlighting features for the category lists are:

  • Commercial and Industrial (Trading & General Trading, Contracting, Manufacturing, etc) sectors are included in the category list.

  • Under the manufacturing sector, the activities included are manufacturing plastics, pesticides, paints, soaps, detergents, or any products for construction, industrial and commercial purposes. Also manufacturing of metals, electrical equipment, transport, medical equipment, sports products, toys, etc.

  • Under the agriculture sector, the activities included are cultivation, growing trees, crops,  fruits, and forestry activities.

  • The Positive List includes several eligible activities such as consultancy services, advertising, photographic activities, construction of buildings, translation services, primary, secondary,  higher education, hotel and restaurant management, hospitals, and music bands.

  • The changes will not apply to strategically important sectors, such as oil and gas exploration, utilities, and transport, as well as to state-owned entities.

As per the new changes, the Travel & Tourism license can have 100 percent foreign ownership by a foreign investor with a UAE Local sponsor as a local service agent without any shares and without any administrative & managerial powers. Formerly for this license 100% ownership was not allowed in UAE mainland by any foreign investor but to hold only 49% and the rest 51 % had to be with UAE local sponsor.

Advantages of New Rule:

  • The new legislation brings a positive economic environment for the UAE Government with a rise in foreign direct investment.

  • Boosts the interest of the investors or foreign businessmen who look forward to starting a company in the UAE.

  • Improve the country’s ease of doing business as well as reduce the cost of business setup in the mainland and the time taken to launch a new business.

  • Renders the country more investor-friendly.

  • Provide investors an opportunity to move and expand beyond the UAE-free zones.

And this new rule will come into effect from June 1st, 2021 with the following features:

  • No capital or additional fee is required for foreign investors.
  • Sole establishment or single-owner LLC is possible.
  • For existing Commercial LLC companies, the local sponsor can either be removed or the shareholding percentage of the local agent can be reduced from 51% to a minimum.
  • Branches of foreign companies don’t require a local sponsor.
  • A general trading company can be completely owned by foreign nationals without an Emirati local agent.
  • Applicable to more than 1000 industrial and commercial activities except for activities with a strategic impact, that includes 7 sectors like:
  1. Security, Defense, and Military activities
  2. Services related to fisheries field
  3. Banks, exchange shops, and finance companies
  4. Communications
  5. Print banknotes cash
  6. Hajj and Umrah services
  7. Centers for memorizing the Holy Quran
  • Not applicable to professional activities. The rule for professional activities will remain the same with 100% ownership but requires a local service agent.

The new rule will not bring any change to the current procedures or requirements for business setup or licensing. The only change is that it is not mandatory to have an Emirati local agent or partner for starting a new venture in the UAE mainland. As per the existing rule, the legal form of a company cannot be converted from an LLC to a sole proprietorship under a foreign name, but with the new rule, it can be transferred to a single-person company with limited liability.

At Bytes, we are keen to help foreigners or expatriates for UAE mainland business setup with 100 percent ownership. As we have a team of expert business setup consultants, you will be guided thoroughly in each step for establishing your venture anywhere in UAE. For more details about the 100% ownership in UAE mainland or setting up a company in UAE, contact us at +971522804969 or email us at

Detergents & Disinfectants Product Registration in Dubai

Detergents & Disinfectants Registration in Dubai & UAE

Dubai is built as a cosmopolitan city where more than 200 nationalities live, work, and visit. Often titled as one of the safest cities globally, Dubai is also known for maintaining its roads, hotels, public transportation systems, etc., clean and tidy. Dubai’s dedication to keeping the city clean got an additional fillip when cleanliness and hygiene became the critical solution for survival amidst coronavirus pandemic. Detergent and disinfectant product registration in Dubai saw a rise in demand as the people and the government committed to fighting the COVID-19 together by upholding the significance of cleanliness.

However, importers, manufacturers, and traders must understand the protocols on how to register detergents and disinfectant products in UAE who want to tap into this rise in demand for Detergents and Disinfectants. Dubai Municipality mandates detergents & disinfectants registration in Dubai & UAE. We assist in product registration in Dubai and UAE. We simplify the procedure for the companies who need these services. Therefore, we at BYTES formulate a flexible procedure to guarantee the complete product registration process in Dubai to facilitate an effortless and hassle-free process for each company.

The Objectives of Detergent and Disinfectant Products Registration in UAE

The UAE government has made product registration in Dubai a compulsory requirement for dealers and manufacturers to secure the customer’s safety. The Dubai Government claims that consumer goods such as detergents and disinfectants should stick firmly to its quality standards formulated by the Dubai Municipality. Any import, manufacturing, sale, or dealing of detergents and disinfectants cannot be accomplished without completing detergent and disinfectant product registration in Dubai Municipality. Any customer products not enrolled with the authorities will be deemed fake goods and rejected during shipment. Moreover, the prohibited products such as narcotic goods, gambling tools, ivory, food additions, betel leaves, etc., will also be repudiated during shipment.

List of Detergent Products

  • B2B Products
  • Detergents Cleaner
  • Food Contact
  • Fragrances
  • Diffusers
  • Scented Candles
  • Others

Who Should Go Through Product Registration Application?

All importers, distributors, and manufacturers involved in the detergents and disinfectants business are obliged to apply for product registration in UAE. However, the applicant must be an enlisted company in the UAE. It can be a free zone or a mainland firm with a valid trade authorization. The businesses can also collaborate with a regional distributor with a credible UAE trade authorization for the product registration. A representative of the UAE local firm can apply for detergents & disinfectants registration in Dubai Municipality.

How to Register Detergents and Disinfectant Products in Dubai?

Following is the process you have to follow for detergent and disinfectant product registration in Dubai:

  1. Must have a UAE valid General Trading License or Detergents / Disinfectants Trading / Manufacturing License.
  2. Firstly, the UAE company must register with Dubai Municipality.
  3. You must provide the Label images of the cleanser/disinfectant.
  4. A registration report of the customer product is made after the completion of all the provisions.

Documents Required for Detergents & Disinfectants Registration in Dubai

  • Artwork
  • Free Sale Certificate from the country of origin.
  • The Ingredients Report
  • Analysis Report and chemical details of the product
  • Material safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • GMP Certificate

After obtaining the application, the Dubai Municipality will publish the estimated report at due time. If there is no comment on the report, then the detergents & disinfectants are valid for two years. If there should occur an instance of any remark/ comment on the report, at that point, this detergent/disinfectant is valid for six months. Application status can be reviewed electronically, and an original or scan copy is available after the issuance of the report.

How Can We Help? 

Detergent and disinfectants are in great demand in Dubai and provide a lucrative business opportunity for dealers, manufacturers, and importers. The cosmopolitan lifestyle of Dubai citizens and the raised security & health awareness in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic have further stimulated the need for the products. However, the dealers can benefit from this rise in demand by meeting Dubai’s compulsory product registration requirement.

Enrolling the products with Dubai Municipality includes highly simplified procedures and protocols for which the companies might require the assistance of competent and experienced product registration consultants in Dubai such as BYTES. We are providing food product registration, cosmetic product registration, sanitizer registration, and health supplement registration along with detergent and disinfectant product registration. The registration regulations vary depending on the nature of the products, and our consultants are experienced in enforcing this. At BYTES, we ensure that the products fulfill all the requirements and support the companies in completing the entire process efficiently. Contact us for more information regarding product registration.

Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai & UAE

Dubai is one of the major hubs for global commodities trade which provides the finest opportunities for traders in manufacturing, importing, distributing, and re-exporting a variety of products with great profit and demand. Cosmetic products are one of the most important items among them. Any substances or products projected to be placed in contact with the number of external parts of the human body or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with an intention of exclusively or mainly to clean, perfume, correct body odors, change appearance protect and/or keep these parts in good condition are Cosmetics.

Similar to other product registration in UAE, cosmetic products also must be registered with the Dubai Municipality to certify that only superior quality products are imported and distributed in UAE. Hence, it is mandatory for any Free Zone or Mainland company to carry out cosmetic product registration in UAE or Dubai as per the authorities’ regulations before launching the products.

This is to guarantee and evaluate the safety of cosmetic products as it is directly applied to the skin, hair, or any other human body part and reduce the trading of any harmful or artificial products and safeguard consumer safety and product quality. The registration of cosmetic products is valid for five years after which the renewal of registration is required for every product.

Benefits of Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

  • Import and Re-export rights for your products
  • Eligible to sell the products across UAE
  • 5 years valid registration certificate
  • Label and brand protection
  • Low tax business opportunity

List of Cosmetics Products

  • B2B Products
  • Baby care products
  • Body care preparations
  • Depilatories
  • Eyecare
  • Face and neck preparation products
  • Foot care
  • Hair and scalp products
  • Hand care
  • Hotel Amenities
  • Lip, teeth, mouth care products
  • Bath and shower preparations
  • Nail and cuticle products
  • Oral hygienic products
  • Professional use products
  • Shaving products
  • Skin-whitening products
  • Anti-wrinkle products
  • Sunscreen and suntan preparations
  • Hygienic powders makeup and after-bath powders
  • Straightening, fixing, and waving products.
  • Toilet soaps, deodorant soaps, etc.
  • Perfumes, deodorants, antiperspirants, and cologne
  • Cleansing and conditional products

Procedure for cosmetic products registration in Dubai

  1. To register the products with Dubai Municipality, the company must hold a valid trade license in UAE. Hence, the first requirement is to set up a company in UAE with cosmetics trading activity or general trading. You can contact us to register your company in UAE and our consultant will guide you in line with your requirements.

  2. The next step is to register your company with Dubai Municipality. This is a process that includes the submission of documents to DM and providing exact information for each product for which we, Bytes are there to support you.

  3. After registering your company with Dubai Municipality, you can apply for label assessment & product registration. For this, you must provide the product label or artwork to DM and the product sample might be required by DM if any one of the products is selected for Lab test. The label should comply with the regulations of the Dubai Municipality.

Documents Required for Cosmetic Registration

Rules and Regulations for Cosmetic Product Registration

  • Product registration is mandatory for selling cosmetic products in the UAE local market.
  • Any company that wants to manufacture, import, distribute, or sell any cosmetic product must independently register that product. Registration is valid on a company level and needs the presence of a valid trade/industrial license in the UAE with the relevant activity.
  • The cosmetic product ingredients must be safe for humans and comply with the recommended health and safety specifications highlighted in CPSS. Any prohibited ingredient or harmful amount of any controlled ingredient will make it unfit for registration in UAE.
  • If the product gets rejected, a product assessment report is provided, and it is not permitted to distribute the products in the local market.
  • For different cosmetic products, there are different authorities and must submit many specific documents for the product registration and certification.

Cosmetic product registration is essential and complicated and can be done only with the assistance of an experienced product registration consultant in Dubai. And at BYTES, we have the expertise and professional consultants to perform cosmetic product registration in UAE. If you are planning to register your cosmetic products in Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact our experts to support you in completing the entire process efficiently.

Freelance License in Dubai

Freelance License in Dubai

Freelancing is a good opportunity for those who are interested to work as a professional individual and not employed by any specific company. Owing to the increasing demand for Freelancers in UAE, the government has given extra encouragement through several freelance permit options in various free zones at affordable costs. To work as a freelancer in the UAE, you require a residence visa and a freelance license/work permit. This is a permit that allows working legally in Emirates as a freelancer, a sole practitioner, or an independent contractor.  A freelancer license is perfect for those who are in parent’s or spouse’s sponsorship and only require a license to work as a freelancer. If you need a visa, you can apply for it under the corresponding free zone authority.

Benefits of Freelance Permit in Dubai, UAE

  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • Office space is not required
  • Less expensive
  • Increased profit
  • Flexible working model
  • Can do multiple projects simultaneously
  • Building one’s brand

 List of Freelance License Activities in Dubai

  • HR Consulting, Management Consulting, Financial Advisory Consulting, Project Management, and Business Consulting

  • Data Science and Analytics, IT and Telecom Networking, Information Technology, Computer Network & Systems, Web Development, Multimedia Development, Software Development, Computer Programming, and Database Designer

  • Yoga Trainer, Fitness Training, Personal Training, Lifestyle Coach, NLP Coaching, and Health & Wellness Coach

  • Social Media Influencer, Animation, Acting, Audio/Sound Engineer, Branding, Photography, Choreography, Composing, Commentators and Presenters, Critic, Copywriter, Events, Musician, and Journalism

  • Commercial Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Specialized Marketing

  • Apparel, Interior Designing, Electronics and Appliances, and Fashion Designing

  • Salon Services, Hair & Makeup

  • Environmental Health, Health Education, Social Health, Physical Health, and Intellectual Health

  • Customer Service, Hospitality Training & Consulting, Hospitality, Food & Beverage

  • Executive Coaching, Tuition/Private Teacher, Education Advisor, Researcher, and E-Learning Advisor

  • General Management, Administration Sector, and Clerical Activities

Documents Required For UAE Freelance License

  • Application form for freelance license
  • Passport copy
  • Business plan
  • Signed recommendation letter by previous employers
  • Resume and educational qualification certificates
  • NOC from the sponsor for a freelance visa and to obtain a freelance permit
  • Bank Statement to prove bank records
  • Portfolio/Sample of works
Procedure to Get a Freelance Permit/License in Dubai

To start a freelance business in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you must follow the below procedures to get the freelance permit:

  1. Choose the free zone under which you want to get the freelance license and freelance visa.
  2. Application submission to the free zone authority with the business plan, copy of your passport, and reference letter.
  3. You will get a customer confirmation letter from the free zone authority after approval.
  4. Sign the confirmation letter and submit it along with other documents for final approval.
  5. Make the payments. (includes freelance license/permit fees, visa fees, etc.)
  6. After the payment sign the sponsorship agreement and get the freelance license and visa
  7. You will be provided a Flexi desk option for starting your work.
Cost of Freelancer License in UAE

For freelancer permits/licenses and visas, the cost will be unique in various free zones. If you are looking for the lowest one, then Abu Dhabi will be the best.

At Bytes, we are providing a special offer for the freelancer license and visa in Abu Dhabi at AED 11,000/- including all charges except the medical insurance fee. With this, you will get a 2-year freelance license and a 2-year visa. The freelancer can sponsor the family/dependents also.

Enquire and grab the offer now!

If you are confident in your professional activity, then be your own boss and prove to be a superhero. Your life and work will go smoothly without any limitations. If you are interested to know more about freelancer licenses in UAE, contact us today itself.

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