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JAFZA Offshore Company Setup

Offshore company formation in Dubai is an intelligent move by non-UAE residents. It allows company formation by individuals and corporate bodies. From Dubai, you can trade across the globe. It is a quick and safe way to start your business with low investment and higher returns. Within a few weeks, you can form your company. 

The offshore companies in Dubai were introduced by JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority). So Dubai offshore is known as JAFZA offshore company. JAFZA offshore company formation is considered to be unique and efficient due to the liberal rules, tax exemption, and ease of delivery. There should be a minimum of one shareholder and two directors. It can have a UAE bank account with an internet banking facility. Another main advantage of the JAFZA offshore company setup is that there is no limitation for any specific business category.

Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Also, there are some limitations for Dubai Offshore or JAFZA Offshore Companies. Some business activities like advertising, consultancy, or banking are not permitted in the company. The shareholders should visit the Jebel Ali Free Zone directly and the bearer shares are also not allowed.

At Bytes, our consultants who are experts in offshore company formation will understand your requirement and set up your business in Dubai offshore or JAFZA offshore simply within no time. 

Benefits of JAFZA Offshore Company Formation

  • Full ownership of the business
  • No tax or duty liabilities
  • No bar for capital requirement
  • Limitless foreign exchange with no major accounting formalities
  • No public registration required, keeping things confidential
  • Easy maintenance and operations
  • Accounts opening in a multinational bank
  • No import or export duty
  • Full return on capital and profits
  • No audit report filing
  • Protection of investments

Here are the reasons why an offshore company in Dubai is like a gem for you.

  • It saves you from double taxation avoidance agreements between UAE and Dubai.
  • It is not dependent on any other country 
  • You are eligible to take an interest in property available in Dubai

Criteria for Shareholding and Limitation

  • For Dubai or JAFZA Offshore business setup, you need to have at least one shareholder and two directors.
  • No Dubai or JAFZA Offshore company is allowed to conduct banking or insurance business
  • Not allowed to do business with UAE resident
  • Local premise renting is not allowed

Documents Required for Dubai Offshore Company Formation

  • Bank reference letter
  • Residency proof
  • Passport copies
  • Resume 
Why Bytes?

We are experts in guiding our customers in setting up a business in UAE. From documentation to licensing and other jurisdictions, we advise and help you in all things. We will also help you to open a corporate multi-currency bank account. At Bytes, we focus on offers a comfortable stay and flourish business for customers in UAE in every possible manner. If you are ready to start your offshore business, contact us immediately @ +971522804969 or email us at We are always happy to guide you.

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