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Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

Being the highest per capita spenders worldwide on all kinds of products, Dubai is thriving and evolving into the importing, manufacturing, and reexporting of products. Product registration in Dubai is very important as Dubai conducts international trading with different markets, the products like cosmetics, food, detergents, sanitizers, Oudh and perfumes, etc. The rule applies to each product manufactured and sold in Dubai. Let Bytes Business Consultants help make sure your items are totally safe for selling with our product registration services in Dubai, and all over UAE services. Feel free to get in touch with us for Dubai Municipality product registration!


    Product Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

    These are the essential product registration categories we will help you with:

    Food Product Registration Dubai

    Ensure consumer safety by assessing all the food products that you are planning to sell in Dubai or UAE or any GCC countries with food product registration in Dubai. Also re-exporting to foreign countries can do easily

    Cosmetic Registration Dubai

    It is compulsory to register cosmetics or beauty products in Dubai before selling it in the local markets. For manufacturing, packing, distributing and trading of the these products, each of them has to register with DM.

    Detergents and Disinfectants Registration Dubai

    As detergents and disinfectants are commercial or consumer products that requires high quality standards, it is mandatory to register it with the Dubai Municipality to showcase it in the Dubai markets.

    Hand Sanitizer Registration in Dubai, UAE
    Nowadays all are aware about their health and hygiene and so the use of hand sanitizers are also increasing. Similar to cosmetics registration, the sanitizers also has to register with the Municipality to ensure the health safety.

    Register Health Supplements

    The demand for health supplements is pretty high, which makes Dubai an excellent place for importers worldwide. The health supplements registration in Dubai revolves around checking the quality and ingredients of the products.

    Benefits of Product Registration in Dubai

    The main objective of Dubai and UAE product registration is to curb the trading of harmful and fake items in the domestic market and ensure customer safety. In addition to that, product registration brings more benefits:

    • Label protection
    • Brand/business protection
    • Rights of import and export
    • Hassle-free trade in the UAE and globally
    • Minimum or no tax on Dubai’s manufacture, import, or re-export of goods
    • Except for a few unhealthy and unethical goods, many products are allowed to be registered in Dubai
    Product Registration in Dubai, UAE
    How to Register a Product in Dubai Municipality?

    It is mandatory that all the items are registered with the Dubai Municipality Control. Once when products are approved, the organization can sell them. No item can be manufactured, promoted, traded, sold, or conveyed in Dubai unless listed as per Municipality Control.

    Procedures Included

    You must have a registered company in the United Arab Emirates to register your product. You may also require a trade license for either cosmetic or general trading business activities. The steps taken for product registration in the UAE are below.

    • Company Formation – Product registration can be processed only by companies located in Dubai or the UAE Free Zone. The company should own a valid commercial license. The company that performs suitable business practices and is a local company can register its goods with the Municipality of Dubai.
    • Dubai Municipality Registration — The next step is to register with the Municipality of Dubai once the organization has been set up in Dubai or UAE Free Zones. The DM needs specific company documents, such as a business license, e-mail address, contact details, etc.
    • Collection of the documents required – Then, to apply for a label assessment of products in your product range, you must submit paperwork to the Dubai Municipality. Next, you have to submit a sample of the product to CPSS. The DM will release a Label Appraisal Report, which contains a product summary until the label evaluation is completed.
    Documents Required

    Product registration is made easier with Bytes. You need the below documents, and you are done.

    • Certificate of company registration
    • Certificate of free sales
    • The analysis report of the product
    Why BYTES?

    For a vital process such as Food or cosmetics or detergent product registrations in Dubai, you must carefully seek advice from a competent consultancy because this will help you keep up with the current government rules and regulations. Our team of experts at Bytes is always here to help you from documentation to the entire registration process.

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