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Manufacturing License in UAE

Dubai is expanding at a fast pace in the business sectors especially in the manufacturing and industrial fields. This kind of business must obtain an industrial license in Dubai from the Economic Department. 


Industrial Trade License is given to companies that convert natural resources or change raw materials. This modification can be in terms of appearance and structure to manufacture or produce new goods, semi-products, or even entirely manufactured products. Industrial license obligates the organization to own a physical warehouse within the country. 


Are you looking to have an industrial license in Dubai?  At Bytes, we can help you with it as our team of highly-qualified professionals with expertise in this, which allows us to serve our customers conveniently and professionally. Contact us to find out if your company needs or eligible for an industrial license or you want to learn more about an industrial license in Dubai.


    Benefits of Industrial License

    Some of the main benefits of the industrial license are mentioned as follows:

    • Modern Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities 
    • Global Customer Access 
    • Invite further investment 
    • Easier availability of the working class 
    • Resource and Manpower Availability 
    • Industrial license is cost-effective
    • Secure & Legal Income transactions
    Industrial Business License in Dubai, UAE

    How to Get an Industrial License in Dubai, UAE?

    If you are considering applying for an industrial license in Dubai or any other Emirate in UAE, the first thing to do is find an expert in company formation whom you can trust to handle the whole procedure on your behalf, and our team at Bytes can assure you of this. We will solve the issue of business incorporation and ensure peace of mind that the proposal will be both complete and right.

    • In Dubai & Sharjah a Mainland Industrial LLC License can be 100% owned by Foreign Individual/Corporate shareholders without a UAE National as a Sponsor or Shareholder.
    • Before opening a factory or making any improvements to the current factory, you must get initial permission from the authorities such as Ministry of Industries, Civil Defense, Municipality, Environmental Department & Planning Department.
    • As soon as you get permission from the concerned authorities, you can apply to the Department of Economic Development for an industrial license. Within two days, the DED will issue the Industrial LLC License.
    • Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Ministry of Industry Approval, Environmental Certificate, Civil Defense Safety Certificate & MOAA, etc. will be issued along with the Industrial LLC License.
    • In two weeks, all the authority approvals along with Factory/ Warehouse inspection will be finished and DED license will be issued.
    • Once the license is issued by the DED, the company can get the Permanent Industrial NOC from Ministry of Industry to obtain the duty exemption.

    Documents Required

    • Passport copies & Visit visa / Tourist Visa Residence visa copies of all Shareholders
    • Estimated Capital Cost 
    • Company proposed Names.
    • Factory / Warehouse details such as Affection Plan, Title Deed, Setting Out Plan & Ejari Certificate or
    • A Physical Office Ejari Certificate for a Management Office (If the Production unit is not existing).
    • Warehouse or Factory must have a minimum of 1,000 sq ft area.

    Types of Activities in The License

    Some of the industries falling under the industrial license in Dubai are:

    • Food industries such as fish & seafood free zing, fish & seafood canning & preserving & food supplements manufacturing
    • Textile manufacturing
    • Pumps manufacturing
    • Sports wears manufacturing
    • Stainless steel products manufacturing
    • The casting of metals industries
    • Equipment and engine manufacturing
    Why BYTES?

    Grab your industrial trade license in Dubai with Bytes as our team of experts thrives on keeping customer satisfaction at priority. The reasons why you should give us a chance are:

    • Expert Business Consultants
    • Document clearance
    • Authorized solution for company formation
    • Aligned with Government Bodies
    • Fast and Reliable processing
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