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Food Product Registration in Dubai

Food Product Registration in Dubai & UAE

Ever since UAE has emerged as an international trade hub with different kinds of people from distinct places, we can find any food products from east to the west, especially in Dubai. Accordingly, to ensure the consumer safety and availability of the product, the Dubai government has emerged an international system known as FIRS (Food Import and Re-export Services). Before manufacturing, importing, exporting, or selling a product in UAE, the product registration must be done especially for food products under the FIRS system. Following registration, you can legally publish your products in the local markets of the UAE. Food product registration in Dubai and UAE is beneficial for all food traders, manufacturers, and consumers.

It is effortless for traders to sell or distribute their products across UAE and local markets without any restrictions. Also, it is easy for re-exporting products to foreign countries as the registration process incorporates global standards.

How to Register a Food Product in Dubai?

As per the government law, food product registration is mandatory for importing, re-exporting, and distributing the products. The registration is regulated by Dubai Municipality under the food control department. This system ensures high international standards in the quality of food that establish extra safety with the products for consumers.

Requirements for Food Product Registration

  • The brand name, product name, weight, ingredients, manufacturing, and expiry date of the product should be mentioned.
  • A list of ingredients and additives should be labeled in Arabic and English.
  • Some food products like alcohol, poppy seeds, etc. are completely prohibited and cannot move for food registration.
  • Only foodstuffs will come under food product registration. Non-food items will be registered under a separate process.
  • If the product is registering with incorrect labels and descriptions, there will be huge penalties and the registration will be revoked.

Documents Required for Registering Food Products

  • List of the ingredients
  • Approved Halal certificate (for some products, if required)
  • Artwork of the product / Label image

Food Product Label Requirements

  • Brand name and product name
  • The product label should be in Arabic with English or any other language.
  • The production and expiration date of the product are mentioned.
  • The barcode should be there.
  • Ingredients and nutritional details with weight or volume should be mentioned.
  • The exact country of origin should be mentioned in the label.
  • Storage conditions (if required).
  • Name of the manufacturer and distributor
Reasons for Product Banning

There are several reasons for banning a food product for registration. Some of them are below:

  1. Duplicate barcode information.
  2. Difficulty in reading the product label information.
  3. Some products like poppy seeds and alcohol are banned.
  4. Unapproved products from the Ministry of Health
  5. Ingredients are written in another language other than Arabic or English.
  6. Inappropriate pictures of the ingredients.
  7. In case any ingredient is not mentioned on the label identified through lab testing

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