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What is SIRA?

SIRA stands for Security Industry Regulatory Agency, which the Dubai Government introduced as an independent agency in the emirates. It is a government authority that is wholly responsible for regulating the security industry in Dubai to make Dubai a safer and secure city. SIRA works on the values of safety, quality, innovation, and sustainability in order to achieve its main aim of making Dubai a safer city.

If you’re planning to set up a company or business related to the security industry in Dubai, then Security Industry Regulatory Agency Approval is a must! Dubai is the most preferred architectural place where everyone wishes to start their own business.

Business Setup in UAE is not at all challenging with BYTES because we make you well familiar with the local rules, laws, and regulations that are framed by the UAE legal and government bodies. Some of the business activities in all the parts of the UAE require some external approvals. So, if you are planning to start your own company with security-related activity in Dubai or UAE with a view of availing multiple benefits, then your business surely needs proper protection and planning, which if ignored can bring about significant losses.


    Approvals Offered By SIRA

    CCTV Operator

    • Security Systems Technician
    • Security Systems Engineer
    • Security Supervisor
    • Security Auditor
    • Security Manager
    • Security Trainer
    • Security Consultant

    Security License Approval

    • Security Guard
    • Event Security Guard
    • Cash in Transit Guard

    Company License Approval 

    • Gold Offices
    • Self-Storage
    • Management Office
    • Monetary Financial Institutions
    • Precious Materials Warehouse
    • Precious Commodities Stores (value of merchandise less than 100,000)
    • Precious Commodities Stores (merchandise value exceeding 100,000)
    • Precious Metals and Gemstones Trading & Manufacturing

    Individual Service Approval

    • Jewelry Trading
    • Gold and Precious Stone Trading
    • Non-Manufactured Precious Stone Trading
    • Guard Property Services
    • Security Control & Alarm Equipment Trading
    • Security Dog Training Center
    • Safe Transportation Vehicles Trading
    • Preparation of Vehicles for Safe Transport
    • Security Studies & Consultancies
    • Center for Operations & Monitoring Services
    • Security & Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance
    • Security Control & Monitoring Services
    • Party Security & Private Guarding Services
    • Money & Valuables Transport Services

    How to Get SIRA Approval in Dubai?

    If you’re planning to setup any of the above-mentioned categories of business in Dubai or any other part of the UAE, you must get a SIRA certification. Getting SIRA Approval is not an easy task as it requires a series of steps to be followed professionally. At BYTES, we have experienced professionals and specialists who will help you get SIRA approval quickly by preparing and filing all the necessary documents. We have vast experience in assisting clients to set up a business in Dubai or UAE seamlessly.

    SIRA Approval in Dubai
    Benefits of Hiring BYTES for SIRA Certification Services
    • Professional guidance at every step
    • On-time delivery of reports
    • In-depth and detailed analysis
    • An execution of a secure and easy business setup process
    • Robust planning and streamlining the essential steps
    • Tailor-made solutions as per your business needs

    Contact us, and we’ll provide you with excellent and market-leading assistance on obtaining SIRA approval in a hassle-free manner!


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