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Experience The Best of Business Services in Dubai with The Industry-Leading Consultancy Firm BYTES!!

Are you looking forward to setting up your own business in Dubai or UAE? If yes, then we are at service for you! BYTES is one of the leading, highly experienced, dedicated, and professional business setup consultants who focus on making things easier for you by offering industry-leading business service.

Our company set up services covers everything from document preparation to helping with the visa process and dealing with the government authorities. Joining hands with our business set up consultants and specialist in Dubai is all about availing a golden opportunity to achieve success beyond the next best level.

At BYTES, we will help you through the entire journey of setting up a business in Dubai by steering you in the right direction and making the whole experience a hassle-free one with the cutting-edge and pioneering company formation services in Dubai.

Our Business Services

We at BYTES excel in offering a plethora of business services that involve:

PRO Services

If you are busy with all your business plans and works or you are unaware of the updated rules and regulations of the UAE government, you can outsource your PRO services to us. Let it be passport clearance, immigration process, business license applying, license renewal, or anything, we’ll take care of all the procedures.

PRO Services in Dubai, UAE
Local Sponsor in Dubai, UAE

Local Sponsor

For setting up a company in UAE mainland, the foreign investor must require a local sponsor or a local service agent to deal with the UAE government and accomplish all the legal formalities. He will be an official partner or sleeping partner for your company.

Product Registration

Dubai and UAE being the major trading hubs in the Middle East, requires product registration. This is for the import and export of products and ensuring the quality and standards, At BYTES, you can experience stress-free and seamless product registration services.

Product Registration in Dubai, UAE
Trademark Registration in UAE

Trade Mark Registration

To establish or setup a business in Dubai and UAE, it is a must for you to get your trademark registered. The legal formality of trademark registration is not an easy process. Being one of the best trademark registration service providers, BYTES in Dubai is all time ready to help you.

SIRA Approval

For Dubai’s safety and security, a government authority SIRA is responsible for regulating the security industries in the UAE. Therefore, if you are starting any security industry related business in Dubai or UAE, you need to take the SIRA approval. We at BYTES are experienced enough to help you in obtaining a SIRA certification seamlessly.

SIRA Approval in Dubai
Company Liquidation Service

Company Liquidation

A process in which a company or an establishment stops its operations and functionalities. This is also known as winding up or closing down a business. There are many things to do while closing a company. They are: company name cancellation, tax registration cancellation, employee payments and other legal procedures.

Why Choose BYTES?

  • Offer Valuable insights into customer needs
  • Providing quality services
  • Formation of innovative strategies
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Offer Tailor-made services
  • We are easily Approachable

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