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Branch Office Setup in Dubai, UAE

Branch Office Setup in Dubai / UAE

A branch office serves as a branch or an offshoot of a parent company. The branch office markets the products and services engages with customers and enters into financial agreements and other legal contracts on behalf of the parent company. A branch office setup in Dubai & UAE is not allowed to carry out any activities which the parent company is not permitted to conduct. A branch company is one of the most important aspects of any big company. Setting up an office in Dubai / UAE can put a company on the global map and increase its success exponentially. If a global company deals with banking, financial services, and insurance, among other things, it can gain a lot from setting up a branch office in Dubai. 

Our team of dedicated professionals is continuously working towards offering the best experience to our clients. We intend on offering friendly advice to companies hoping to set up a branch office in Dubai, UAE. Get in touch with us today!

How Can You Setup a Branch Office in UAE?  

If a company is hoping to kickstart an offshoot body in UAE, here are the steps it must follow:

  • MOE – Before setting up a branch of your foreign company in the UAE, you will have to get the green light from the Ministry of Economy. The branch of a UAE Local company does not require MOE approval.

  • Apply for a License from the DED – Following MOE approval, the parent company must file for a commercial license at the DED. The license issued by DED will be valid for a year. The company must renew the license after a year.

The Parent Company will be the 100% owner of the Branch company.

  • Go to the Commercial Authorities – After all the previously mentioned steps have been completed successfully, the branch office will be able to register itself with the commercial authorities. The same information is then entered in the register of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. It is followed by registration with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

What Documents Do You Need for Branch Setup?

For Branch Office Setup Services, here is a list of documents you need:

  • Trade License Copy (If the parent company is a foreign company, then attested License / Commercial register is required)
  • Memorandum of Association and Article of Association of the parent company. (If the parent company is a foreign company, then attested MOAA is required)
  • Board of Resolution of the Parent company (If the parent company is a foreign company, then attested BOR is required)
  • All directors’ & Branch Manager’s passport copy


  • Do We Need the Services of a Local Service Agent to Set Up a Branch Office in Dubai? 

No, if you are hoping to start a branch office in Dubai, the service of an LSA is not mandatory as per the recent decree.

  • Should a Branch Office have a Physical Office?

A branch company needs to have a physical/virtual office. The company should also send a copy of the physical office / virtual office tenancy contract to the DED.

Why Bytes?

If you want to start a branch office in Dubai, UAE, here is how we can help:

  • Preparation of the application documents
  • Getting the green light from different government departments
  • We can help you open a corporate bank account for your branch office in Dubai.
  • We can help you find the perfect location for your office.

We have your best interests at heart, and our years of professional experience can be of great help. Thanks to our pan-UAE presence, we can help you setup your branch office at the perfect location in no time.

Branch offices across different countries can help people take their companies to the next level. We can help companies realize their dreams in Dubai, UAE, by assisting them in setup branch offices or new company formation without any problem. If you want to achieve your business dreams as well, get in touch with us today!

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