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UAE Virtual Company License

There is no point of doubt in the fact that Dubai has a phenomenal business environment, but earlier relocation to the country was mandatory to carry the business. Now, with the virtual company license in Dubai, business entrepreneurs and owners can take advantage of Dubai company ownership from all across the world without getting relocated.  Without being a resident of the UAE, a virtual license enables non-resident investors/owners from worldwide to start a business in Dubai.

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    Benefits of Virtual Commercial License in Dubai

    Other than having the world’s best environment for business, there are many other benefits that a virtual commercial license holder have; some of them are listed down below:

    • Low cost of business setup
    • No administration burden
    • A quick way to start and grow the business
    • Access to all the remarkable business opportunities
    • Increased reach and access to new customers, investment and market opportunities

    Requirements for Acquiring Virtual Company License in Dubai

    Before starting the business and other related activities in the UAE, there are a few eligibility factors required to be met by the business owners. Consider the below-mentioned list to know about them:

    • The applicant of the virtual company license must reside outside of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
    • The applicant or the virtual company owner should be a tax resident or a citizen of any approved countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Russia, etc. You can check the VCC website to get the information about the complete list of approved countries.
    • Businesses activities like computer programming, consultancy, creative sectors like interiors, fashion, jewelry, etc. can only be possible.
    Virtual License in Dubai - Business License


    Along with these, the applicants must remember that their businesses will be subjected to their home country’s income, corporate, and social tax policy, i.e., where they are based. The business will also be liable to VAT if the income of the virtual company in Dubai exceeds the amount of $100 per annum. According to this, a virtual company license holder must register its business with the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority.

    Procedure for Having a Virtual License in Dubai

    To setup a virtual company in the UAE, foreign business owners are required to follow a procedure. The steps of the procedure and list of required documents are mentioned below:

    • Register your company: To register a company, you need to visit the Dubai Virtual Commercial City’s (VCC) official website. Fill the online company registration form and give all the necessary details. At this step, you must provide your trade license name and define the business activity you are willing to undertake.
    • Upload documents: At this stage, you are required to upload the necessary documents
    • Track the status: After applying, the authentication process begins, and it takes around a month for the Dubai government to check the background details. The applicant receives an e-mail regarding the approval or rejection of the application.
    • Confirm your identification at VFS Global: After receiving the approval e-mail, the applicant is required to go to VFS global to validate the identity. Visit VFS global should be booked beforehand from their website.
    • Pay the cost for the virtual business license: After the successful validation, the owners have to pay the cost of the virtual business license. It can be paid through ePay (VCC’s payment gateway). The fees depend on the validity period of the license.

    Documents Required

    • Passport copy with more than three months of validity
    • Proof of address which is not more than 3 months old
    • Proof of tax residency (if you do not belong to approved countries)
    • The latest photo on white background (not more than three months old

    Why Should You Have a Virtual License in Dubai?

    It is a new initiative wherein freelancers, investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners can digitally set up their businesses. Virtual commercial license holders can electronically perform all the business-related activities, including signing papers, submitting documents, and much more. Residents from the approved countries are eligible to continue and carry their business in UAE.

    How Bytes Can Help You?

    At Bytes, we can help you in acquiring the virtual company license without facing any hassle. Over the years, we have assisted many customers in different types of business setup in Dubai. We have a team of experts who know all the details and regulations that are required to be met to have a virtual company license in Dubai.

    Our team will help you at all the stages; therefore, it will become very easy for you to fulfill all the requirements on time. We have dedicated staff at Bytes who will support you in all the legal administration. 

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