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Document Clearing Services in Dubai

Most of the companies in the UAE are dependent on professional Public Relationship Officers (PROs) to handle different tasks that include certificate attestation, legal compliance management, visa handling, company formation, license renewal, etc. These tasks or activities are time-consuming and difficult to manage. This is known as pro services or Document Clearing Services. PRO services in Dubai, UAE is possible by hiring an in-house PRO for your company or by outsourcing it to accomplish your tasks perfectly. The most preferred option is to outsource your pro services in Dubai as it is more cost-effective than hiring an employee as PRO.

At Bytes, we help our clients to focus on their core business activities while obtaining our PRO services to handle some activities that are difficult and tedious for you to manage. We’ll reduce your stress and pressure at the same time. You can relax and concentrate on your business development.

Contact us and know more about our PRO services or document clearing services in Dubai, UAE, and avail of our services now. We make it easy for you!


    Benefits of Outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai

    There are a lot of benefits offered by PRO Services in Dubai, UAE for an individual or a company that is focused on business up-gradation. Some of the benefits are as follows:

    Legal Compliance: 

    As we all know, most of the business establishments in the UAE are formed by foreigners. So it will be very difficult for them to understand several policies and legal requirements for starting a company and also for running a company. There are very rigorous laws in UAE that seem to be unfriendly for the ex-pats. So outsourcing your PRO Services in Dubai, UAE will help you to avoid this situation and allow smooth going of the company formation processes or other activities.

    Save Time:

    PRO services activities are time-consuming that you may have to visit the government offices from time to time. And this is not essential for your business growth. So it will be better for you to outsource PRO services and save your time and concentrate mainly on the development of the company. 

    Less expense and Durability:

    Outsourcing PRO services will cost you less than hiring an in-house PRO. Because you can outsource it only at the time of requirement. So you can avoid unnecessary loss and save your money.

    Automated Services: 

    PRO service activities are done through a CRM system, which keeps all the documents and data safe easily trackable. Also provides timely updates on the license renewal or other important activities.

    Fine and Penalty Avoidance: 

    Hiring a professional team for PRO services in Dubai, UAE will help you reduce your fine and avoid penalties by regularly updating with renewal terms for government licenses, as well as registration and visa policies.

    Increase Business Efficiency:

    PRO services will improve your business growth rate Business through smooth operations and real-time support to the company from liaising with government departments of Immigration, labor, economic, and municipalities.

    PRO Services at Bytes

    We are providing cost-effective and hassle-free PRO services in Dubai and all over UAE. Our PRO team will always be happy to guide you and do all the hectic activities mentioned below:

    • Document processing and getting approvals from the government agencies
    • Trade name approval
    • Company immigration card and labor card processing
    • Visa processing in the mainland and free zone in all the emirates – Dependent visa, parent visa, employment visa, investor visa, and partnership visa.
    • Export-import code with customs accounts services for trading companies.
    • Legal translation or typing services 
    • License amendments – MOAA, LSA, and Partnership agreement amendments – Adding and removing business activities, and partners – Changing company name, legal status, and location.
    • Copyright and trademark registration
    • Certificate attestation
    • Applying for a business license and its renewal
    • Contract clearance
    • Filing for obtaining NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the ministries
    • Applying for Ejari 
    • Dubai Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Embassy, Immigration, Economic Department, and Civil Defense paper works or documentation services.
    PRO Services in Dubai, UAE
    Why BYTES?

    Our 10+ years of experience has helped us to perform PRO services in Dubai well enough according to our client’s requirement. Our professional team of PROs will handle most of the tasks in UAE ranging from visa services, immigration, legal compliance, certificate attestation, and documentation work. Since we have good knowledge of local government laws and policies, we can be the better team to help foreign businesses and individuals who are trying to start a new business in UAE. Also, we have several packages and payment plans that suit individuals as well as corporate companies. You can opt for a different way of payment according to Monthly Retainer Basis, Case to Case Basis, or Project Basis.

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