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Health Supplements Registration in Dubai

Health Supplements Registration in Dubai & UAE

UAE has permitted the making, retailing and global trading of a huge number of products. It makes the UAE one of the most profitable countries for dealers and sellers all around the globe. A vital factor that results in Dubai being profitable for exchange businesses is its tax-free economy. Similarly, the citizens & residents of UAE especially Dubai are extremely concerned about their health and other issues. Traders can make huge amounts of profit by making use of the markets of Dubai. Dubai’s reputation is an important reason for coming forward as one of the best places for international trading in the world. The government of UAE is very stringent about the quality of products in circulation. Hence, it is important to register the products in UAE before presenting them in the market. The same is the case with health supplements as well. The health supplements registration in Dubai revolves around checking the quality and ingredients of the product. Most importantly, blocking any fake or harmful health supplement product’s entry.

The demand for health supplements is pretty high, which makes Dubai an excellent place for importers worldwide. Other than that, sellers can also re-export their goods from the Dubai markets. If they do so, they benefit from tax-free manufacturing and other enticements offered by the government of Dubai.

Benefits of Health Supplement Products Registration

  • Residents of UAE, especially of Dubai are health-conscious, and there is a huge marketplace for health supplements in Dubai.

  • Any UAE Valid Free Zone or Mainland company can register their products with DM and Dubai issued certificate is applicable for the entire UAE.

  • Dealers can also make and re-export the health supplements at an exceptionally low cost due to the tax-free economy and availability of inexpensive labor and reasonably priced housing (home, warehouses, etc.)

  • The standards for the registration of health/food supplements are high in Dubai. Companies can therefore very easily launch their products in other countries as well.

  • Numerous free zones that are located near coastal areas offer a favorable location for the trading of products.

Requirements for Registering Health Supplements

Below are the vital necessities for the registration of health supplements in Dubai:

  • Health/food supplements are those items that are taken orally to offer extra nutrition to your body apart from what we get from food. This includes minerals, vitamins, herbs, etc. These can be sold off in any form, be they powder, tablets, or liquid.

  • Pharmaceutical firms, Para-Pharmaceutical, and other registered companies are permitted to manufacture and trade such supplement products.

  • The label is supposed to give information about the ingredients.

  • The chief authority for health supplement registration is the Dubai Municipality (DM).


  • The first step is to register the UAE Trading / General Trading / Manufacturing company with DM. Just after that, the procedure of registration of food/health supplement items will begin.

  • Any kind of misleading data or conflicting logically proven claims will lead to the ban of any such products.

  • Particulars about what goes into making in the food supplement along with particulars of a trading firm are essential for registration of any health supplements.

  • These health supplements must not include any ingredients that are not permitted by the UAE / Dubai government.

Documents Required:

Following are the documents needed for the registration of health supplements in Dubai & UAE.

  • UAE Valid Free Zone or Mainland Health Supplements / Food Supplements Trading / General Trading / Manufacturing company License Copy
  • A high-quality image of the product (Artwork)
  • Clear representation/specification of the product
  • A free sale certificate
  • The ingredients report
  • Analysis certificate
  • GMP certificate

Label Requirements:

Following are the label requirements for health supplement registration in Dubai:

  • Name of the brand
  • Product description
  • Expiration and manufacturing dates of the Product after it has been opened
  • Details of the manufacturer
  • Net weight of the product and its volume
  • The country of origin must be declared evidently and should be precise
  • A barcode on the product
  • Batch number of the product
  • Storage conditions necessary for the product
  • Constituent’s list and also give the ingredients which can result in hypersensitivity in some users
  • Directions and instructions for using the product
  • Medical claims are not allowed to be given on the product
The Time Validity of The Registered Products

The registration certificate for health supplements is issued after thoroughly examining the health supplement’s stipulations, elements, and consequences. If it is within safe limits as recommended by the health & safety stipulations, the registration certificate will be granted, and it is valid for five years from the date on which it was issued.

Health Supplement Products Registration Process
  • The first step, as mentioned above also, is to register the UAE Trading / General Trading / Manufacturing company with DM.

  • The registration procedure of items begins with filling e-form accessible on the site of the Dubai Municipality.

  • In the next step, the representative of the company will submit the relevant documents with a valid label product assessment copy required for the registration.

  • After meeting all requirements, the registration of the item will be completed.

  • Now, the representative or owner of the firm can get an original copy of the product registration certificate from the Dubai Municipality office.

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