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Free Zone Company Setup in UAE

UAE free zone company formation is the best solution for people who wish to have a business in UAE but are restrained with the thought of ownership and money involved. There are more than 40 free zones in UAE and gives you 100% foreign ownership and there will be no tax deductions. The identity of a free zone company owners, directors, and activities are highly protected and confidential. UAE free zone provides friendly and liberal working environment for the investors with great business opportunities. The company setup process in UAE free zone is easy and simple. Contact Bytes Business Consultant for highly professional free zone company setup in UAE. 

UAE Free Zone Company Formation

Advantages of Business Setup in UAE Free Zone

  • 100% ownership of a business with the Foreign investors with no involvement of a local partner
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • No corporate, personal and income taxes
  • No import and export duties
  • Free transfer of funds or foreign exchange control
  • Easy recruitment and inexpensive workforce
  • Ample energy available at an inexpensive price
  • 24×7 operational
  • Offices for sale or lease with ready-made factories, warehouses and office
  • UAE residence visa for 2 years

UAE Free Zone Licenses

For business setup in UAE free zones, you can acquire the following licenses:

  • Trading License – For all kinds of product trading
  • Commercial License – For industrial, commercial and consulting activities
  • Warehouse License – To advantage with warehousing facilities including packaging, distribution etc.
  • Industrial License – For permission to import or export raw material, manufactured products worldwide
  • Manufacturing License – License for manufacturing of goods
  • Service License – for firms including law, accounting, consultancy to operate smoothly

Documents Required for UAE Free Zone Company Formation

  • Filled and signed application form
  • Copy of passports and business plan
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) attested and notarized.
  • Bank reference letters
  • Educational certificates, if a case of consultancy license
  • Company profile (existing) and form for investor project profile, if case of industrial license

Procedures Involved in Free Zone Company Setup UAE

The documents you will need for a company set up in the UAE free zone include the following:

  1. Select the type of business organization or legal entity you are going to start in the UAE free zone.
  2. Choose a trade name for your company and also check with the free zone authority to verify the trade name. You are not allowed to take a name that has already been registered. So, register the trade name with the concerned free zone authority.
  3. Then apply for the business license you need from the above list of licenses issued by the UAE free zones. Depending upon the category of your business you can choose the type of license. And you have to give all the documents that are required for the license. The documentation process will be different for different licenses.
  4. Choose a proper office space in the free zone that suits your business. Free Zones are also providing Flexi-desk options for startup companies.
  5. Get the initial approval from all the concerned departments and authorities. Then get the registration process done from the UAE free zone authority. After 2-3 weeks you will get your license and you can start your business.
Bytes Business Consultants help you setup a company in UAE free zone. We offer step-by-step guidance from the selection of free zone to documentation to company setup formalities.

List of Free Zones in UAE

Dubai Free Zone Business Setup

Dubai Free Zones

It is one of the most popular free zones in UAE. It has world-class amenities and is most preferred by the start-ups.

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Setup

Abu Dhabi Free Zones

Loaded with latest technology and flexi-desk, it a great pick to setup business. It is an intelligent pick for tech-friendly business.

Sharjah Free Zone Business Setup

Sharjah Free Zones

Cost-effective free zone to start a new business or expand the existing one. Get our professional guidance for no hinderance business setup.

Ajman Free Zone Business Setup

Ajman Free Zones

A gem location for industrial and trade license setup. Affordable with abundant resources, this free zone is a great choice.

Fujairah Free Zone Business Setup

Fujairah Free Zones

It is easy to setup company in Fujairah free zone. It has a strategic location with great connectivity with ports around. 

Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone Business Setup

Ras Al Khaimah Free Zones

Also known as RAK free zone, is a cost-effective and stress-free option.  A great pick for shipping and offshore business.

Umm Al Quwain Free Zone Company Formation

Umm Al Quwain Free Zones

UAQ Free Zone is a great pick for offshore or LLC company. It is a progressive free zone with best of class amenities.

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