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UAE Tourism License

UAE is a leading tourist destination with a high demand for tourism-related activities. In the UAE, the tourism business will also be offered a unified business license for tourism and commercial activities. If you want to commence businesses such as tourism and travel companies, hotels, restaurants, or even renting a car company, then you require a tourism license in Dubai.

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    Benefits of Tourism License

    • Can be owned by 100% foreign partners.
    • No deposits required
    • Can be a sole establishment or a civil partnership company
    • Can offer visit visas
    • Airline ticket sales can be conducted
    • Allows to conduct international meetings and conferences
    • Able to do all kind of tourism related activities inside and outside the country
    Touris License in Dubai, UAE

    How to Get a Tourism License in Dubai?

    For companies and businesses operating in the travel and tourism industries in Dubai and UAE, a valid tourism license is required. The demand for a tourism license in Dubai is rising each year, as Dubai is a booming tourist destination. The tourism license is issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing(DTMC). There are 3 types of tourism licenses available in Dubai:

    • Inbound tourism license – Tourism-related activities conducting inside Dubai require an Inbound tourism license. An insurance policy is an important requirement for inbound tourism.
    • Outbound tourism license –  Outbound tourism license can be issued for both inbound and outbound tourism activities. With this license, you can do tourism activities inside Dubai and can conduct international meetings and conferences. For an outbound tourism license also, an insurance policy is required.
    • Travel agency license as a travel agent – Travel agents who are doing activities like visa processing, airline ticket sales, travel accommodation, transportation, etc. require a travel agency or agent license. For the issuance of this license, you must have a NOC from the Department of Civil Aviation.

    Bytes offers Dubai and UAE tourism licensing services to help people set up tourism businesses around the world. We guarantee you smooth tourism license services at Bytes, following all the necessary registration measures.

    Documents Required

    As Dubai is a tourist hub, there is no complicated procedure to obtain a tourism license in Dubai if you are following the appropriate steps correctly. The following are the most important documents necessary for obtaining a tourist license in Dubai to set up your tourism and travel business.

    • Company proposed name, can be English / Arabic / Abbreviations
    • All partner’s passport (copy) with visit/tourist/residence visa copy
    • Civil Aviation Authority’s NOC for only tourism activity
    • Office space document of 30 Sq.m
    Types of Activities in The License

    Bytes has provided tourism license in Dubai with various types of activities. The following are:

    • Selling plane tickets
    • Issuing travel insurance
    • Selling tourist packages through a website
    • Providing support during visa issuance
    • Creating tourist packages
    • Offering accommodation options

    Our team of experts at Bytes will provide you with various tourism license benefits. Have a look at all those benefits:

    • We notify and collaboratively work on the additional obligatory requirements
    • Collaborating with the Department of tourism and commerce marketing
    • Support you with extra permits & certifications
    • Support with the leasing of the office space
    • Accumulate the necessary documents to start a travel & tourism business
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