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UAE Business Centres and Offices

Renting an office in one of the best business centres in Dubai, give your business a home in the prime location of Dubai with lots of advantages. This will cost you less but provides luxurious or fully furnished workspaces. To find a property for building your company is a hectic task and that may take months to start the operations completely. So it will be better for you to take office space for rent and start your business as soon as possible you can. This will be practicable with the help of brokers or professional consultants. At Bytes, we offer a variety of customized office space solutions that are perfect for both startups and international companies to launch or expand their business in Dubai. We listen to your needs closely and search to find the perfect workspace for your business. We are providing unique workspaces that suit your business needs with a variety of benefits and are offered at an affordable price. Our main aim is to deliver you a safe, clean, quiet, and cost-effective solution. For new business centres or office spaces for your business setup in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can directly contact us and find and your dream space immediately.
Business Centres and Offices in Dubai, UAE

Work Spaces in Dubai

The following are the different workspaces in Dubai for your business:

Business Centres

A commercial workspace where a business can avail of the required common facilities like connectivity, space, and other additional services based on the requirement. It offers fully equipped business spaces for fully-fledged companies to expand their business as well as for fledging startups to kick start their business. Business centres are also known as serviced offices where you can find a plethora of facilities from car parking to conference rooms. You can find extra modern interiors that have been designed to offer a turnkey solution to every necessity.


It includes a well-arranged co-working space, large conference rooms, pleasant meeting rooms, engaging reception, etc. with lots of amenities and features. We offer you a comfortable and affordable business center that meets your requirement in one of the famous landmarks in Dubai. This offers you great connectivity and visibility to the local and international markets.

Business Centres in Dubai, UAE
Rented Office Spaces in Dubai, UAE

Rented Office Space

Rented Office space is the most affordable option for companies or businesses to start their operations in Dubai. As we all know, Dubai is one of the luxurious cities in the UAE and you may have to spend more on taking office spaces. But Bytes will provide you a fully furnished office spaces with top tier benefits and facilities at affordable prices. To find out an office space for rent is not an easy task as it requires several legal procedures and steps where you may get confused. So our consultants will help you find a perfect space for you by hearing your needs and requirements for the business and will do all the legal paper works for this without any delay.

Virtual Office

This is also known as a physical office space where the business can operate remotely from anywhere. The virtual office will offer you a prestigious physical address for mobile business and allows you to boost up the professional image. At Bytes, we are offering a hassle-free virtual office setup with our premium services and solutions including telephone and mailing services. We provide professional telephone answering service (9 am – 5 pm), incoming call handling, and 24-hour voice mail services. This will help you to focus on growing your business completely. We have everything you need to accelerate new connections with our virtual office services which are flexible and cost-effective.

Virtual Office Setup in Dubai, UAE
Smart Desk Offices in Dubai, UAE

Smart Desk

An inexpensive and flexible option that provides a desk in a shared office space to represent your company or business. This is also known as a Flexi desk. For starting a new company or getting a business license in Dubai, you must require office space in Dubai. And it is quite expensive for buying office space. If you are a startup or your business just needs a small space to get the license only, then you can choose this smart desk option. This is really a smart choice for startups or small businesses. You can use this desk as your workstations. We can offer you a full range of benefits with this smart desk like:

  • Comfortable shared working spaces
  • Fully furnished and well-arranged offices
  • Meeting rooms and conference areas
  • Car Parking Facilities
  • Admin, reception, and other office facilities

Common Features of Business Centres and Offices

At Bytes, we offer complete professional services for your company formation in UAE that help entrepreneurs transform their ventures. So some of the features that we provide you for your office or working spaces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are listed below:

  • Fully Furnished Office spaces
  • Flexible and Serviced Office Spaces
  • Free WIFI
  • Free Car Parking Facility
  • Free DEWA
  • Monthly Payment Facilities
  • Clean and Calm Work Spaces
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • High-Quality Security Systems
  • Front Office or Reception Facility

Why Bytes?

At Bytes, we aim to bring professionally rich business setup consultants to guide and help you in each step of company formation in Dubai. We will listen to all your requirements and advise you on the right path for making your dream business happen. To find out perfect office spaces or business centres or virtual offices is one of our main services under company formation procedures. Through our extensive experience and industry relationships, we can offer efficient, affordable, and fully furnished office spaces for rent according to your business needs.

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