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Freelance License in Dubai

Freelance License in Dubai

Freelancing is a good opportunity for those who are interested to work as a professional individual and not employed by any specific company. Owing to the increasing demand for Freelancers in UAE, the government has given extra encouragement through several freelance permit options in various free zones at affordable costs. To work as a freelancer in the UAE, you require a residence visa and a freelance license/work permit. This is a permit that allows working legally in Emirates as a freelancer, a sole practitioner, or an independent contractor.  A freelancer license is perfect for those who are in parent’s or spouse’s sponsorship and only require a license to work as a freelancer. If you need a visa, you can apply for it under the corresponding free zone authority.

Benefits of Freelance Permit in Dubai, UAE

  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • Office space is not required
  • Less expensive
  • Increased profit
  • Flexible working model
  • Can do multiple projects simultaneously
  • Building one’s brand

 List of Freelance License Activities in Dubai

  • HR Consulting, Management Consulting, Financial Advisory Consulting, Project Management, and Business Consulting

  • Data Science and Analytics, IT and Telecom Networking, Information Technology, Computer Network & Systems, Web Development, Multimedia Development, Software Development, Computer Programming, and Database Designer

  • Yoga Trainer, Fitness Training, Personal Training, Lifestyle Coach, NLP Coaching, and Health & Wellness Coach

  • Social Media Influencer, Animation, Acting, Audio/Sound Engineer, Branding, Photography, Choreography, Composing, Commentators and Presenters, Critic, Copywriter, Events, Musician, and Journalism

  • Commercial Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Specialized Marketing

  • Apparel, Interior Designing, Electronics and Appliances, and Fashion Designing

  • Salon Services, Hair & Makeup

  • Environmental Health, Health Education, Social Health, Physical Health, and Intellectual Health

  • Customer Service, Hospitality Training & Consulting, Hospitality, Food & Beverage

  • Executive Coaching, Tuition/Private Teacher, Education Advisor, Researcher, and E-Learning Advisor

  • General Management, Administration Sector, and Clerical Activities

Documents Required For UAE Freelance License

  • Application form for freelance license
  • Passport copy
  • Business plan
  • Signed recommendation letter by previous employers
  • Resume and educational qualification certificates
  • NOC from the sponsor for a freelance visa and to obtain a freelance permit
  • Bank Statement to prove bank records
  • Portfolio/Sample of works
Procedure to Get a Freelance Permit/License in Dubai

To start a freelance business in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you must follow the below procedures to get the freelance permit:

  1. Choose the free zone under which you want to get the freelance license and freelance visa.
  2. Application submission to the free zone authority with the business plan, copy of your passport, and reference letter.
  3. You will get a customer confirmation letter from the free zone authority after approval.
  4. Sign the confirmation letter and submit it along with other documents for final approval.
  5. Make the payments. (includes freelance license/permit fees, visa fees, etc.)
  6. After the payment sign the sponsorship agreement and get the freelance license and visa
  7. You will be provided a Flexi desk option for starting your work.
Cost of Freelancer License in UAE

For freelancer permits/licenses and visas, the cost will be unique in various free zones. If you are looking for the lowest one, then Abu Dhabi will be the best.

At Bytes, we are providing a special offer for the freelancer license and visa in Abu Dhabi at AED 11,000/- including all charges except the medical insurance fee. With this, you will get a 2-year freelance license and a 2-year visa. The freelancer can sponsor the family/dependents also.

Enquire and grab the offer now!

If you are confident in your professional activity, then be your own boss and prove to be a superhero. Your life and work will go smoothly without any limitations. If you are interested to know more about freelancer licenses in UAE, contact us today itself.

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