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Logo/ Brand Trademark Registration

Owing to the world-class business infrastructure of the UAE, business people and entrepreneurs from worldwide are coming to the country for new business setup or start their enterprises, which has resulted in more industry competition. Certain businesses can also see their brand name or logo being replicated without their consent, affecting their company. So, trademark registration in UAE is vital to safeguard your brand. Your business is protected by legally filing your trademark, which can be a name or a symbol used to identify your products or services. This trademark will be valid in all the emirates in UAE for 10 years.

In addition to this, with the trademark, you can be legally recognized as the owner of the goods and services. Contact us and we will help you guard your brand through our trademark registration Dubai, UAE services!!!


    Benefits of UAE Trademark Registration


    • Business Identity
    • Guard your brand by restricting the usage of your mark by others.
    • Capture your business’s max value.
    • Take advantage of the registered mark as a handy marketing tool and promote your brand.
    • Sue people who try to copy your trademark.

    How to Register a Trademark in Dubai?

    For trademark registration in Dubai, you have to search for an authentic agency that can fit your needs, and Bytes can assist you with it. Initially, any brand seeking to protect its brand can conveniently register its trademark in Dubai. You need to complete and apply the online trade application form and wait for your application to be approved and accepted by the U.A.E. Ministry of Economic. It is a transparent and straightforward process. When you have been accepted, you are good to go.


    Procedures Included:

    It is relatively easy but necessary to pursue the procedure for trademark registration in the U.A.E. If you are trying to file a trademark of your business with us, our approach includes:


    • UAE Trademark Search

    First step is to have an accessibility search for similar, pending, or already registered trademarks. The report includes an evaluation from a lawyer specializing in trademark law involving the registration of a trademark and the possibility of collision with previously licensed trademarks. After this we can start the registration process by submitting the required documents and trademark registration form through the website of Ministry of Economy. We can further move the submission to the trademark authority after the papers are filled in, completed, and submitted.


    • Trademark Status Search

    To get an update on the process, managing the status of your registration is a courageous move. For your trademark, we can give you a status report, or you can apply to check for yourself on our website. Often, place your trademark in the type of trademark class and select the best category for you.


    • Application Approval Fees

    We have to pay the fees for the initial approval of the trade mark application form.


    • Review and Approval

    After the payment, the Ministry of Economy will review and approve the application. Any incomplete form or documents will be rejected.


    • Publishing in Local Newspapers

    After approval, the trademark registration approval letter will be published in two local UAE newspapers. Any objections to the trademark could be notified to the Ministry in 30 days from the publishing.


    • Obtaining the Trademark Registration Certificate

    The Ministry of Economy will further review the status of the Application. And within a certain period of time you will get the approval and the Trademark Registration Certificate is issued.

    Documents Required For Trade Mark Registration in Dubai

    • Application form
    • Copy of id and address proof of applicant
    • Copy of the company/business certificate
    • Letter of power of attorney
    • Digital and print version of proposed trademark
    • Copy of the applicant’s passport
    Trademark Registration in UAE
    What Can be Trademarked?
    • Name
    • Word
    • Numbers
    • Images
    • Sound

    At Bytes, we’ve got the best business setup consultants who are well versed with how to make the procedure of company formation and trademark registration in Dubai easy for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.

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