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E Trader License

Business from the comfort of home is quite interesting and simple. Many home entrepreneurs in the UAE are fascinated to showcase their products or services before a group audience.

Today, people have started searching for and purchasing their wanted products and services online. This can save you money and time by allowing you to find the best prices without having to do all the legwork. So, selling online can help your business reach new markets and increase your sales and revenues. For this, the Dubai government has taken many initiatives to change the country as an Ecommerce Hub and uplift its economic activities. So they are providing an e-trader license for entrepreneurs who are interested to start their business by selling their products or services through social media platforms.

If you are ready to do business via online or social media or personal websites, ring us on +971522804969 and get the e trader license and kick start your business now.


    What is an E Trader License?

    E Trader license in Dubai was introduced by the Department of Economic Development Dubai(DED) in the year 2017. This license is permitted only to the UAE or GCC nationals and expatriates residing in Dubai to implement their business activities through different social media networks. The license is issued under a single owner and can have maximum of 3 visas. But for the expatriates, visas cannot be provided with e-trader license. UAE or GCC nationals and expatriates who are residing in UAE with valid emirates ID and can only apply for an e trader license in Dubai. If you are planning to do business from home without having an office or hiring employees, this will be a good option for you. Among other business licenses in Dubai, an e trader license is easy to set up and very cost-effective.

    Who All Can Apply for E Trader License Dubai?

    Anyone UAE resident or GCC nationals who want to do their business via social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram can apply for an e-trader license in Dubai.

    • Housewives who are interested in sales of hand-made items, fashion apparels, jewelry, and other goods and services
    • Freelancers who offer online services
    • Entrepreneurs who do not want an office space to promote their business
    • Businesspersons who are interested in the sale of goods and commodities
    • Professionals who are employed in other company, and want to enhance their passion as a side business.
    E-Trader License in Dubai

    Requirements of Dubai Mainland E-Trader License

    • Only GCC or UAE nationals and expats residing in Dubai can apply
    • Should be above 21 years of age
    • Valid Emirates ID is required
    • Trading name
    • No need for Ejari documentation
    • Registration must be done as per DED rules

    Benefits of E-Trading License

    • Trade name protection
    • Local Sponsor or Local Service Agent is not required
    • No office space is required
    • 100% ownership
    • Increased transparency and provides customer confidence
    • Secure and problems free online shopping
    • A single owner can participate in various conferences and exhibitions
    • View products in consumer stores
    • Will get Dubai Chamber membership for executing export and import operations
    • Can conduct Training and workshops
    • Can provide Ads on social media
    • Permitted to sell through online marketplaces like Amazon. ae or
    • Will be issued within 3-5 working days
    • A very simple way of business setup
    • Cost-effective
    • The license can be renewed annually

    Limitations of the E-trader License

    • The license is of two types: professional and commercial license. The GCC or UAE national can do both types of activities. But the expats cannot do commercial trading activities and can do professional activities only under this e-trader license in Dubai.
    • Not allowed to have a real shop or commercial unit
    • No investor visa is provided for the owner
    • Can only sell products or services within the emirate. If you want to sell in Abu Dhabi, you have to get another e-trader license or Tajer license from Abu Dhabi emirate.
    • The license will be automatically canceled if not renewed in the same month of expiry.
    How to Apply for an E-Trader License in Dubai?
    E-trader license registration is comparatively a simple and uncomplicated process. The complete process is done through the DED website. The license fees have to pay within 24 hours of the issuance of the payment voucher. Bytes, we have experienced consultants to guide you and help you in getting the license. We are aware of all the updated government rules and procedures to achieve the license for you. So contact us for more information. Documents Required:
    • Valid Emirates ID
    • Makani Number or any proof of residence
    • Trade name reservation
    Bytes business setup consultants are well experienced to transform you from a normal individual to a flourishing businessman or businesswoman with our powerful services. We can help you in obtaining an e trader license in Dubai for those who are interested in doing business through social media. Contact us for our guidance immediately.
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