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Hand Sanitizer Registration In Dubai

Hand Sanitizer Registration In Dubai

With the sudden coronavirus outbreak in the United Arab Emirates and the entire world, we all know how vital it is to exercise good individual hygiene and cleanliness. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are a quick way to sanitize and minimalize the danger of falling sick today. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, hand sanitizer sales have skyrocketed. Dubai, famous for its world-class infrastructure and big business hub, has considered one of the most vital hand sanitizer registration in Dubai. It is important to know that no product or item shall be manufactured, exported, imported, sold, or marketed in Dubai without registration in agreement with the Dubai Municipality Law.

How to Register Hand Sanitizer Products in Dubai?

You can register your sanitizer with a valid Trading/ Manufacturing License:

When you register your product, it will be valid for up to 5 years & will get a 5-year valid certificate for the same. That certificate is required for importing the product to UAE & to sell it in UAE.

Documents Required:

The documents required for hand sanitizer registration in Dubai are:

• A copy of your Trading / Manufacturing license
• A Free Sale Certificate
• The GMP Certificate
• Certificate of Analysis
• Report of all the Ingredients
• Product Artwork
• Material Safety Data Sheet

Why is it Obligatory to Register Hand Sanitizers with Dubai Municipality?

All the home-grown manufacturers and importers are obligated to register the hand sanitizers with the Dubai Municipality that fall in place with the authorities’ safety standards in Dubai. Product registration in Dubai has been made compulsory so that no product harms the health of any consumer.

The registration process that is done with the Dubai Municipality aids the customers in identifying what the ingredients in the product are as well as the origin and source of the product. If the consumer undergoes any side effects of a product, he or she can read all ingredients and identify if there is anything harmful to the product. In the customer protection department, the customer can even file a case. Products that do not register with the Dubai Municipality will be termed counterfeit or low-grade products.

While shipping the product, the product registration certificate is an important document essential for customs clearance. If the sanitizer is not registered with the Dubai Municipality, it will not be allowed to ship and encounter rejection during the product shipment. The registration has been made compulsory to guarantee that the customers get all the pertinent information about the item clearly and apparently from its label.

With a sudden rise in the demand for hand sanitizers due to the ongoing pandemic, Dubai has noticed an upsurge in the sale of hand sanitizers that were not registered in compliance with the Municipality. Such fake items were seized right away by the authorities.

Requirements for Hand Sanitizer Registration

The hand sanitizer must be produced of safe items and nothing that can harm the human body potentially. Any prohibited ingredient in any of these products will make it inappropriate for registration in UAE.

As the UAE Government regulates the production, sale, and importation of such products, registering hand sanitizer in UAE is vital for any person or company. In other words, it is essential to keep in mind that no cosmetic product shall be mass-produced, traded in, exported to another country, advertised, traded, or circulated in Dubai without getting registration following the Dubai Municipality Law, as mentioned below also.

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