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Detergents & Disinfectants Product Registration in Dubai

Detergents & Disinfectants Registration in Dubai & UAE

Dubai is built as a cosmopolitan city where more than 200 nationalities live, work, and visit. Often titled as one of the safest cities globally, Dubai is also known for maintaining its roads, hotels, public transportation systems, etc., clean and tidy. Dubai’s dedication to keeping the city clean got an additional fillip when cleanliness and hygiene became the critical solution for survival amidst coronavirus pandemic. Detergent and disinfectant product registration in Dubai saw a rise in demand as the people and the government committed to fighting the COVID-19 together by upholding the significance of cleanliness.

However, importers, manufacturers, and traders must understand the protocols on how to register detergents and disinfectant products in UAE who want to tap into this rise in demand for Detergents and Disinfectants. Dubai Municipality mandates detergents & disinfectants registration in Dubai & UAE. We assist in product registration in Dubai and UAE. We simplify the procedure for the companies who need these services. Therefore, we at BYTES formulate a flexible procedure to guarantee the complete product registration process in Dubai to facilitate an effortless and hassle-free process for each company.

The Objectives of Detergent and Disinfectant Products Registration in UAE

The UAE government has made product registration in Dubai a compulsory requirement for dealers and manufacturers to secure the customer’s safety. The Dubai Government claims that consumer goods such as detergents and disinfectants should stick firmly to its quality standards formulated by the Dubai Municipality. Any import, manufacturing, sale, or dealing of detergents and disinfectants cannot be accomplished without completing detergent and disinfectant product registration in Dubai Municipality. Any customer products not enrolled with the authorities will be deemed fake goods and rejected during shipment. Moreover, the prohibited products such as narcotic goods, gambling tools, ivory, food additions, betel leaves, etc., will also be repudiated during shipment.

List of Detergent Products

  • B2B Products
  • Detergents Cleaner
  • Food Contact
  • Fragrances
  • Diffusers
  • Scented Candles
  • Others

Who Should Go Through Product Registration Application?

All importers, distributors, and manufacturers involved in the detergents and disinfectants business are obliged to apply for product registration in UAE. However, the applicant must be an enlisted company in the UAE. It can be a free zone or a mainland firm with a valid trade authorization. The businesses can also collaborate with a regional distributor with a credible UAE trade authorization for the product registration. A representative of the UAE local firm can apply for detergents & disinfectants registration in Dubai Municipality.

How to Register Detergents and Disinfectant Products in Dubai?

Following is the process you have to follow for detergent and disinfectant product registration in Dubai:

  1. Must have a UAE valid General Trading License or Detergents / Disinfectants Trading / Manufacturing License.
  2. Firstly, the UAE company must register with Dubai Municipality.
  3. You must provide the Label images of the cleanser/disinfectant.
  4. A registration report of the customer product is made after the completion of all the provisions.

Documents Required for Detergents & Disinfectants Registration in Dubai

  • Artwork
  • Free Sale Certificate from the country of origin.
  • The Ingredients Report
  • Analysis Report and chemical details of the product
  • Material safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • GMP Certificate

After obtaining the application, the Dubai Municipality will publish the estimated report at due time. If there is no comment on the report, then the detergents & disinfectants are valid for two years. If there should occur an instance of any remark/ comment on the report, at that point, this detergent/disinfectant is valid for six months. Application status can be reviewed electronically, and an original or scan copy is available after the issuance of the report.

How Can We Help? 

Detergent and disinfectants are in great demand in Dubai and provide a lucrative business opportunity for dealers, manufacturers, and importers. The cosmopolitan lifestyle of Dubai citizens and the raised security & health awareness in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic have further stimulated the need for the products. However, the dealers can benefit from this rise in demand by meeting Dubai’s compulsory product registration requirement.

Enrolling the products with Dubai Municipality includes highly simplified procedures and protocols for which the companies might require the assistance of competent and experienced product registration consultants in Dubai such as BYTES. We are providing food product registration, cosmetic product registration, sanitizer registration, and health supplement registration along with detergent and disinfectant product registration. The registration regulations vary depending on the nature of the products, and our consultants are experienced in enforcing this. At BYTES, we ensure that the products fulfill all the requirements and support the companies in completing the entire process efficiently. Contact us for more information regarding product registration.

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