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Ajman Offshore

The offshore company formation began in Ajman around late 2014. Ajman free zone authority is one of the main free zones in UAE that gives more importance to industrial activities. The Ajman Free Zone Authority provides a wide range of benefits such as complete privacy, 100% repatriation on profit, and zero taxation. So, because of this offshore business setup in AFZ became prominent. The Ajman Offshore business setup is regarded to be the cheapest in UAE, and even the time taken to establish the business is the least.

The Ajman Offshore businesses are non-resident businesses. These companies do not get operating licenses, but they do have the incorporation certification. However, the Ajman Offshore companies are allowed to carry out business in the United Arab Emirates. They are just shareholders who can invest in businesses in UAE companies. Ajman offshore company incorporation can be done without the physical presence of the shareholders. Bytes is one of the leading business setup consultants in UAE to help you with business setup in Ajman Offshore. Talk to our consultants and make your dream business a success.

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Ajman Offshore Company Activities

The Ajman Offshore Company Formation provides the benefits of several offshore company benefits. However, the activities allowed under the Ajman Offshore include the following:

  • Professional services
  • Stockholding
  • Advisory/Consultancy Services
  • General Trading
  • Commission Agents/Brokers
  • Investment and Joint Investment Companies

Benefits of Ajman Offshore Company Setup

An Ajman Offshore company setup can offer different benefits to investors and entrepreneurs. Some of the prominent reasons why you should opt for the setup include the following.

  • No share capital required
  • Zero taxation
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Low company formation cost
  • Can open a bank account
  • The fast company registration process
  • 100% return on capital and profits
  • Owns property in UAE
  • Holding stock of UAE Free zone companies and LLCs
  • The annual audit is not compulsory
  • Foreign currency is not restricted

Why Setup A Company in Ajman Offshore?

  • Quick Release of Trade License
  • Low Barriers to Entry
  • Multiple Visa Options
  • Multiple Shareholders
Documents Required

If you want to setup Ajman Offshore Company, you will need a comprehensive list of documents. 

If it is for companies with individual shareholders, the list of documents required are:


  • Passport copy of all the shareholders.
  • Original proof of residence of shareholders.
  • CV of each shareholder in English.
  • An application form 

If it is for companies with corporate shareholders, then you require the following list of documents:


  • Passport copies of the shareholders and directors
  • Certified incumbency certificate
  • Certified copy of good standing
  • Notarized resolution of the original shareholder
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) and application for the Ajman Offshore Company setup.
  • Original bank reference letter for each of the shareholders. 

Bytes Business Setup Consultants makes Ajman Offshore Company formation a relatively easy and simple procedure. Our excellent knowledge of the updated government rules and policies will help you to set up your business in Ajman Offshore very quickly. Our consultants will hear your requirements and give you an idea about the procedures and important documents required for company formation in UAE.

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