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UAE Commercial / Trading LLC License

An organization engaged in commercial activities like trades concerning goods, commodities, and services have to possess a commercial license in Dubai. This business license in Dubai and across the UAE can be used by both general traders as well as specialist traders. 

The commercial trade license for such companies acts as a prerequisite for legislation and protection. Retail firms, building companies, real estate companies, transport organizations, and other general trading entities can also obtain this license. Comparing to other business licenses, it is very easy to obtain a commercial license in Dubai. 

We are always here to help you obtain a commercial license or trading LLC license in Dubai without facing much hassle. Do contact us for our assistance!!


    Benefits of Commercial License in Dubai, UAE

    • 100% foreign ownership in mainland (Dubai & Sharjah) without a local sponsor except buying & selling of real estate activity & in all free zones.
    • You will have several choices to choose the type of firm you want to setup
    • You can carry out a range of businesses under a single license
    • 10 activities in one license from the same group without any extra cost
    • Secure business arrangements with DED
    • Can open a corporate bank account for your company
    • Can renew Commercial Trade Licenses at a reasonable price
    • Zero tax when carrying out your business in Free Zones
    • Export, import & trade entire UAE.

    How to Get a DED Commercial License?

    To acquire a commercial license, the company’s incorporation papers must identify the company’s operation that must be relevant to the field of trade. It is also essential to remember that it is possible to complete most Dubai procedures under a general trade license. You must first choose a trading name, prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation, and then apply for initial approval with the DED. As evidence of the registered address of the Dubai company, one must also have a rental agreement. Then the commercial license application can be filed.

    Commercial Business License in Dubai

    Procedures Included

    • Choose a legal entity for your firm/business
    • Decide on your business activity
    • Based on the legal entity, add the partners and determine the following points: 
    1. Share of Partners in the capital 
    2. Distribution of losses and profits between the partners
    • Arrange the trade name using one of the following methods:
    1. Booking of a new trade name via the Company Register 
    2. Using an automatically generated trade name – consisting of the trade name reservation number. 
    • Add the capital value to the company’s Commercial Registry data; the rest of the fields is automatically filled.
    • A choice to issue an electronic Memorandum of Association (MOA) within the electronic service available will be shown; you can select or skip this option.
    • A payment voucher is issued and pay the fee.

    Documents Required

    • An application form in English/ Arabic, indicating the name of the business.
    • The company’s registered address’s initial lease agreement.
    • Memorandum of Articles & Association (MOAA).
    • The permit from the Dubai Municipality building department clears the office’s use as a corporate address.
    • The DED will print a commercial license for your business in Dubai based on these documents. The license will be valid for one year and may be extended after this depending on your business.

    Types of Activities in The License

    The form of activities covered under the commercial license in Dubai is as follows:

    • Activities for import and export 
    • Selling of electronic goods 
    • Buying & selling of Real Estate – 100% owned by UAE nationals only
    • Supply of brokerage service
    • Sale of construction material 
    • Logistic Services
    • Supermarkets
    Why BYTES?

    Our offerings for company setup in UAE are ranked the best on the market, and we have got you covered.

    • Approved 100 % foreign ownership 
    • A fast and secure method of online registration
    • A wide number of business activities on the same business/commercial license
    • Capital and tax repatriation to 100%

    If you’re planning to start trading or import/export business, Bytes business setup consultants in Dubai will help you, so contact us today!

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