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E-Commerce License in Dubai, UAE

E-Commerce License in Dubai, UAE

Getting an E-Commerce license in Dubai, UAE is quite easy. The traditional markets of the UAE are gradually changing and transforming into digitalized E-Commerce websites and online stores. If you are planning for a business setup in Dubai, then eCommerce or online business will be better as E-Commerce is getting accepted more in UAE due to its convenience and mainly due to the pandemic. Any online business needs an E-commerce website, and similarly, if you want to launch your online store or an E-Commerce website in Dubai, UAE, you will require a license.

With an E-Commerce trade license in Dubai, UAE, you can sell your products via social media or through your own company portal or website, or through giant online portals like Amazon & Noon. With the sudden growth of E-Commerce businesses in Dubai, planning to extend your physical store to an online platform for more development and engagement will be better in the future.

Here, we will give you a brief idea about the E-Commerce License in Dubai, the cost of an E-Commerce trade license, and how to get an E-Commerce license in UAE to help your online store flourish without any restrictions.

Importance of an E-Commerce License in UAE

In Dubai, UAE, it is not allowed to launch an online E-Commerce website or sell products through other online platforms simply without government approvals. There are quite a few restrictions for which you need a business license to overcome. As E-Commerce websites include payment gateways and online monetary transactions, every owner requires an E-Commerce trade license in UAE to start their business. It is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

Dubai eCommerce License Cost

Usually, an E-Commerce trade license in UAE costs you less. It is 5,750 AED only for the license with office contracts and zero visas. You can add 5 activities to the license including Digital Marketing & Advertising. Whereas an E-Commerce LLC license worth AED 15,600 will have better and more perks. That includes an e-commerce license with an official contract, a 2-year visa, and government registration fees. No other charges are there.

At Bytes, we are providing the license without service charge and you have to pay only the government charges. For more details, please visit our Business License Offers page.

How to Get an E-Commerce License in Dubai?

With the worldwide adoption of technology, getting an E-Commerce license in Dubai or an online business license in Dubai is not a big deal. If you want to acquire an E-Commerce business license in UAE, Bytes business consultancy has impressive services related to any business license with perfect assistance. We have hassle-free methods to obtain your full trade license and documentation.

The demand for an online business license in Dubai has grown drastically in a few years. But to get an e-commerce license, you also need to follow a few steps:

• Decide on a legal structure for your E-Commerce business in Dubai.
• Get your business name registered.
• Apply and fill the form for a trade license.
• Make payments to get the license.
• Open a corporate business bank account. Processing transactions for your E-Commerce website with your account is not legitimate in Dubai, UAE.

Bytes Business Consultancy is a fantastic platform to get your trade license in Dubai, UAE. Our business consultants are highly experienced and updated with the latest UAE government rules. So you can completely trust our services and get many perks while applying for a trade and E-Commerce license from Bytes. Contact us now for more details.

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