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How to Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

How to Open a Tours and Travel Agency in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited locations and enriched with a favorable climate, beautiful coastlines, pure historical architecture, modern high-rise buildings, and many attractive tourist spots for visiting. All these factors combined have seen a drastic change in the evolution of travel agencies in Dubai. The government of Dubai has been working on Dubai’s travel and tourism for its growth and development. Here’s a brief idea in the following segment of how you can Open a Travel Agency in Dubai, issue a tourism license in Dubai and a travel agency license in Dubai, and the requirements for starting a suitable travel agency in Dubai.

How to Open a Tours and Travel Agency in Dubai?

Starting a Tours and Travel Agency in Dubai is pretty simple. Dubai can be considered as the perfect city to start a travel agency. Just follow a few steps, and you will be ready to start a travel agency:

Step 1: Establish your goals as a travel agency

You need to select the type of tour and travel agency you want to set up.

Step 2: Choose a Unique name

Dubai is a place full of travel agencies; you need to choose a unique name, yet easy to pronounce so that tourists and travelers remember your agency in one shot.

Step 3: Find a Local Sponsor

A local sponsor is required for setting up a travel agency in Dubai. It should be an LLC where 49% of the shares will be owned by foreign citizens and the remaining 51% must be owned by the local sponsor. To find out a local sponsor you can contact us and we’ll help you.

Step 4: Apply for a Business and a Tourism License

A business license and a Tourism license have significant differences which laypeople fail to understand. A business license certifies your business as legal and legitimate in the eyes of the law and the world. In contrast, a tourism license is a sub-section to a business license, where you get certified for the work or service you are providing. A travel agent license is a NOC (no objection certificate) that gives the agency to sell tickets, issue visas, and much more.

Step 5: Open a Business Bank Account

Open a business or corporate bank account. A personal bank account is not legitimate for business monetary transactions. To open a corporate account, you need a business license and a tourism license.

Travel Agency License in Dubai

Requirements and Steps to Follow

To get a travel agency license in Dubai, you need not worry much. You need a few documents before applying for a travel agency license. Before that, you need to choose the type of travel agency you want to open. Contact Bytes Business Consultancy for your business license without any delay.

The documents you require while applying for A Travel Agency License:

  • A filled application form for the license by the owners or authorities.
  • Photocopies of valid passports of the applicants.
  • Certificates of qualifications and work experiences.
  • No objection certificate signed and issued by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

With the widespread digitalization, you as an aspiring travel agency owner need not worry about the license and documentation. Bytes Business Consultancy has got you covered. Our super-fast services will help you throughout the procedure for your business setup and will issue your travel agency and tourism license in no time. Bytes Business Consultancy takes complete responsibility and makes your work done in no time.

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