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Omicron Variant - Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

Plan For Your Company Formation in UAE and Business Travel – Omicron No Longer a Variant of Concern

The new variant of Covid has prompted businesses to rethink their organizational behavior to protect the health of all key stakeholders. As the coronavirus global epidemic spreads from around the world and within the region, businesses and employers are being forced to quickly adapt to new ways of working, both culturally and legally. Investigation says how the clients and markets are attempting to understand to protect employee and customer health while also assisting businesses in resuming normal operations. Dubai on the other end is a safe city to visit and stay in for a long time for business purposes, mainly because of the key factor for ending the pandemic- vaccine equity.

It is critical that the company identify how proposed laws imposed by the UAE government will affect them and how they must comply with them. Finally, the authorities’ two goals are to ensure the health and safety of people living in the area while also assisting businesses in accomplishing their economic goals. In this article, you will get to know why Dubai is safe to travel and set up a business. If you are someone looking for a business setup in Dubai, then this article is for you. Let’s start!

Significant Facts to Know

Up to this point, the Emirate of Dubai has managed to dodge a new wave. Approximately 95% of the population has been immunized, and high-risk citizens are being offered booster doses. Although the economy has been open for months, new cases have remained below 100 per day since October. Deaths are uncommon, thanks to the government of UAE and a very well healthcare system. “The recovering has been quicker than we anticipated,” confirmed Scott Livermore, chief economist for Oxford Economics Middle East in Dubai, who has brought up his growth forecast for 2021 by about 1% to 5%. Dubai has succeeded in managing the Delta wave which allowed the local market to bounce back.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s new wave, the Ministry implemented several safety regulations for the tourist industry and retail businesses to pursue. The safety requirements aim to instill trust in visitors and customers regarding their health and safety while visiting these facilities, thereby boosting tourism and the economy. The ‘Dubai Assured’ stamp, the ‘Go Safe’ certification program, Agency Veritas (BV) certification, and required COVID-19 tests for all tourist industry staff are all examples of safety standards. According to the most recent World Bank data, Dubai’s business is improving and expanding faster than ever before. And the following is based on his own competent words.

1) The ‘Dubai Assured’ Seal

The ‘Dubai Assured’ imprint is part of the compliance framework for health and safety. The stamp is given to hotels, commercial shops, food and beverage outlets, and entertainment venues that have followed all public health procedures for COVID-19 prevention and control. This program is part of an effort to standardize safety measures and to promote Dubai as one of the healthiest tourism attractions as it begins to receive visitors.
The specially designed ‘Dubai Assured’ stamp, which is free of charge, has a 15-day validity period. It can be refreshed every two weeks, subject to further inspection by investigators from the appropriate authorities. The stamp is a visual indicator that the authorities’ safety and hygiene standards have been met throughout all tiers and classifications of tourist and resident facilities, including hotels, entertainment venues, retail, foodservice outlets, and dining and entertainment places of interest. This stamp can be used by businesses in their brand communication. So now the businessmen who are coming from different places to open a company in Dubai will get a safe place to live in.

2) Covid-19 tests are required for all tourism industry employees

Regular COVID-19 testing for all tourist industry staff has been made compulsory in accordance with the ‘Go Safe’ certification scheme helmed by the government of UAE. The effort is part of DCT Abu Dhabi’s, the capital of UAE, comprehensive and continuous efforts to make sure the health & wellbeing of its locals and tourists, and it comes on the heels of the recent launch of the ‘Rediscover Abu Dhabi’ campaign, which encourages visitors to take advantage of the numerous staycations and touristic offers available in the UAE capital.

3) ‘Go Safe’ accreditation program

The ‘Go Safe’ Certification is a project initiated by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) and affirmed by the UAE Government with the goal of raising and consolidating hygienic practices and sanitation levels in the country’s tourism and retail organizations.

The Certification will be granted first to complacent hotels that meet the minimum hygienic practices and standards. As Abu Dhabi continues to revitalize tourism and attract more people, the Certification will be enlarged to include all the facilities such as shopping areas, historic sites, theme parks, and food outlets.

The launch of the Go Safe Certification coincides with the Abu Dhabi Government with regard and measures to fight the spread of COVID-19, which include pervasive testing, city-wide sanitation, and improved health care. In all this, the businessmen can travel and plan for their business setup in UAE, especially in Dubai without any worry.

4) Social Distancing and the wearing of face masks

According to the latest regulations to ensure precautionary measures, people are required to maintain one meter of social distance in public places such as restaurants and cafes, shopping centers, gyms, beaches, public and entertainment parks, offices, and workplaces.

The wearing of face masks is mandatory in most places when away from your home. This also applies to visitors staying in hotels when they are not in their rooms.

5) The UAE’s efforts to ensure food safety

Food safety is a critical component of food security, particularly in the UAE, which relies heavily on foreign to meet a large portion of its food needs. To ensure food safety, the UAE implemented numerous measures.
• A food safety law was enacted.
• The country’s Food Accreditation and Registration Process were established.
• The Federal Rapid Alert System for Food was established.
• Exportable food was subjected to non-trading controls.

The system’s elements include: the assigned task of functions and duties, the identification of different food alerts, the identification of criteria for reporting food incidents, and the border refusal of food and tainted products are available. The system categorizes food occurrences as high, medium, or low using a classification matrix. It also includes the categorization triggers, which are the severity of the risk to population health, the size and magnitude of an altercation, and the families affected by it.

Final Verdict!

After reading the above article now you should know that the Dubai government is taking all the safety measures from this new covid variant – Omicron and it is safe for visitors to travel and start their business in UAE. We, Bytes Business Consultancy are playing a great role in helping you to set up a safe and professional business in Dubai and all over UAE. This will help the newcomers for their new company formation in Dubai.

Hence don’t hold yourself back and do visit Dubai to fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful businessman now. Contact us for more information regarding your business setup.

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