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Restaurant License in Dubai

How to Open a Restaurant in Dubai?

Restaurants are booming around the world, especially in Dubai. Despite global economic changes, our desire to dine out with family and friends seems unaffected. Thus it will be a great try to open a restaurant in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the top tourist attractions in the UAE, with one of the fastest-growing economies, thriving infrastructure, and a lovely ambiance. Worldwide travelers are coming to Dubai to experience its world-class food and enjoy its specialties. Business individuals who want to open a restaurant in Dubai are attracted to the city because of its possibilities.

To open a restaurant in Dubai, you should obtain a restaurant license. So let’s find out how to get a restaurant license in Dubai and why to choose Dubai to open a restaurant.


What’s So Special About Dubai?

Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is in the top ten tourist destinations. The government is crucial to Dubai’s long-term development as a city full of resorts, magnificent architecture, breathtaking scenery, and hospitality.

Dubai attracts millions of travelers from all over the world each year. In other words, despite all the glitz and glam, Dubai is a must-visit destination for those who enjoy the contemporary world’s comforts.

For entrepreneurs, this corresponds to 4.7 million chances to make a buck. If done correctly, you could increase your annual revenue by a significant amount. These are the reasons to open a business in Dubai in any sector. 


A Guide to Open a Restaurant in Dubai

Now let us figure out what is required to start a restaurant business in Dubai.

Restaurants, hotels, bakeries, food catering services, and food factories must adhere to the Dubai Municipality’s food code. The food code will ensure that the restaurant is running by following the rules. 

So, to obtain a restaurant license in Dubai, you must adhere to the ‘Food Code’ enforced by the Dubai Food Control Department. The food code protects food safety and hygiene at every stage, from manufacturing to consumption.  We have compiled a detailed list of factors to consider before opening a restaurant.

  • Cost of starting a restaurant in Dubai:

The costs of starting a restaurant in Dubai vary based on the location, the area used, the number of employees, government procedures, menu creation, maintenance, and other investments.

  • Choosing your location:

The fact that Dubai is home to over 200 nationalities widens the possibilities for restaurant owners, allowing them to deliver a diverse clientele depending on the type of restaurant they run.

Research a location and its demographics before choosing one to see if it has enough foot traffic to support your restaurant. Selecting a place is crucial to determine whether or not your restaurant will be a hit or miss.

  • Documents required:

The documents required for a restaurant business setup in Dubai are as follows:

  • Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) issued after the license
  • Ejari Certificate for the location
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Passport copies of the shareholders
  • Residence/Visit/Tourist Visa copies of the shareholders
  • 3 proposed names
  • Interior drawing draft
  • Choosing Your Restaurant’s Concept and USP:

If you are planning to start a restaurant, you must have a unique concept in mind, something that will discern you from your competitors. It provides you with an advantage in the competitive restaurant market in Dubai.

The service style of your restaurant, the food you provide, and the environment of your restaurant are all part of your restaurant concept. Another consideration is determining your restaurant’s unique selling proposition. The exclusive unique theme or creative menu item will attract many customers. Therefore, try something new.


How to Get a Restaurant License in Dubai?

If you wish to open a restaurant in Dubai, you’ll need two different sorts of restaurant licenses in Dubai, UAE

  • LLC License
  • Sole Establishment License

The Procedure for Obtaining a Resaurant LLC License

A restaurant LLC License in Dubai will be issued by the Dubai Economy and Tourism Department(DED). The restaurant type must be specified in the LLC license.

Step 1: Determine the nature of your company (commercial or professional).

Step 2: Describe the expected corporate behavior of your company.

Step 3: Declare the legal type of your company in the UAE – LLC or Sole Establishment

Step 4: Create a trading name for your business. You should have 3 proposed names.

Step 5: The restaurant’s interior works drawing has to be submitted to the authorities.

Step 6: Fill out the DED department’s application form.

Step 7:  Submit the Ejari Certificate

Step 8: Gather all of the required paperwork.


The Procedure for Obtaining a Sole Establishment Restaurant License

Step 1: You must first obtain a trade name from the 3 proposed names.

Step 2: The restaurant’s interior works drawing has to be submitted to the authorities.

Step 3: As the proprietor of your restaurant, you must obtain permission for the food code from Dubai’s Food Control Department.

Step 4: In your blueprint, you must include the location of your restaurant, food storage areas, washing areas, a chimney, and a separate basin.

Step 5:  Submit the Ejari Certificate

Step 6: Take all of the above-mentioned documents to the DED department to get your sole restaurant license registered.

You will get 100% ownership for both LLC and Sole Establishment Restaurant License. For a Sole establishment license, a UAE national is required as a local service agent without any shares or power.  At the same time, an LLC license doesn’t require a local sponsor or local service agent. LLC license can be commercial or professional but Sole Establishment can be professional only.

It will be difficult for you to carry out the procedures mentioned above, but professional business setup consultants like Bytes Business can help you throughout the process. So, you can begin planning your dream restaurant in Dubai now. Having stated that, it is wiser to open your restaurant now rather than wait for the ideal opportunity. 

For more information regarding restaurant business setup or to open a restaurant in Dubai, contact Bytes Business Setup Consultants. We are happy to assist and guide you to start your venture in Dubai or anywhere in UAE.

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